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Is the Fujifilm X RAW studio essential to workflow?

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New member...Roger....First Fuji X camera (x100V)

Long term user of Canon (5Diii,7D,various compacts) and a long-term user of RAW in Lightroom.

Excited with the X100V and new to me the film simulations.   JPeG quality, etc....excellent stuff!

Question:   Is the Fujifilm X RAW studio essential to workflow?  For exports, I am converting to

JPeG anyway from LR.   Yes, I can appreciate using the in-camera processing....but, your opinion is appreciated.

Do I really  need it?


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No you don't... You may want to shoot RAW+JPEG to get an in-camera JPEG with your favorite film simulation next to the RAW file. LR allows for Fuji film simulations, but they're not very close to Fuji's in-camera engine. Capture One has very good Fuji film simulations. I've been told Fuji and C1 have worked together on those. You can download a C1 for Fuji Express for free or a C1 Pro as a 30-day trial. Highly recommended, not only for the film simulations.

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If you are looking for a low cost approach, you can get very good results with DarkTable, Capture One (Fuji Express version is free), RawTherapee or the Fujifilm supplied Raw File Converter EX V3.0  <-- the name is close but it is different than the Raw Studio application. Each one has their benefits as well as learning curves. The Raw File Converter EX V3.0 comes very close to matching Fuji's in-camera engine.

Each of these will give you the option to convert the RAF files into TIFF or JPEG files as you wish as well as giving you quite a few development options.

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I've never even installed the Fuji apps except for the new Webcam app (and that's not even on my processing rig).

My workflow is Capture1 or Capture1+Photoshop.

I'll admit I've yet to be impressed by LR's results from Fuji RAW's, but for a long-time LR user I'd focus on that unless you really find yourself disappointed in the results.

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There’s another reason not to depend on Fuji’s X Raw Studio. It only allows you to process raw files captured by the exact same type of camera with which the shot was made. When you upgrade your Fuji camera to a newer model you can’t process the raw files made with the older camera anymore. So moving up from an X-Pro2 to an X-Pro3 and your older files can’t be processed in XRaw Studio... 

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