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Hi! I´m looking into buying a Fuji X-T2 to get a improvement from my Canon 200D for video. I´m thinking to start with a 23mm f2 because is my favourite focal length but I have concerns about the X-T2 autofocus in video, so I would like to hear your opinions.

Also, I own a Sigma 18-35mm so I would also like to hear any experience with it mounted in the X-T2 (particularly with the Viltrox or Fringer adapters).

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    • Do you have the same issue with the Raw Converter software? https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/products/software/raw-file-converter-ex-powered-by-silkypix/ If so, then you may have an unusual issue from the firmware update that others are not seeing.
    • I have the same issue with the latest 1.20.1 version as well.
    • Fujifilm updated this software a few days ago. I do not know one way or another if the new version will fix the problem you are seeing, but .... https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/support/download/software/x-raw-studio/ p.s. Welcome to the forum.
    • Hi, I use X Raw Studio on MacOS and X100V with the latest 3.01 firmware.   When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with older firmware (2.13, 3.00). Everything works as expected. The camera connects and I'm able to convert raw files. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with 3.01 firmware, the app often crashes or shows "waiting for camera to connect" in the upper left corner. Also camera crashes as well, I'm not able to switch it off with the normal on/off switch, I have to remove the battery.   Is there any solution for this issue?
    • Edited, sorry I did not pay correct attention to your posts wording. That being said: 21- 24 mm with a bit of correction can be nice indoors, so on crop that's 14 or 16? The XF 14 2.8 is a very underrated lens and has that 'look' of the older Fuji 35 folks love so much. 
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