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X pro3 as first camera and problems

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I’m sorry that no one has responded. I got mine very early one, and was pretty nervous about the reports of this problem over on DPReview. Well, I’m happy to say mine did not go bad. A firmware update came, and I dutifully applied that. If that prevented the issue I guess I will never know. 

So did you take the plunge? Are you happy with the purchase if you did?

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On 8/6/2020 at 3:50 PM, Liakos said:

yeah in the end i did. When i got it i immediately updated the firmware to the latest one. But i think i'm in love. this camera is great

Glad to hear you have the XPro-3! It is so capable! Don’t let the pseudo rangefinder style limit your use! The only downside I’ve found is that I wear eyeglasses, and in bright sunlight the viewfinder sometimes get a bit washed out if I don’t have a ball cap handy. Unlike the XPro-2 the eyepiece ring on the XPro-3 is pretty shallow.

I’ve added a Gariz leather half-case to mine, and even an alternative metal grip that has an Arca flange for use on Arca tripod balls or flash bracket also equipped with an Arca -Swiss mount. In fact my use of the XPro-3 with an off camera flash bracket is relatively light-weight.

Heck, with the half-case or metal grip I’ve even handled larger, non-prime lenses. Though I have to give a tip of the hat to my larger XH-1 for larger lenses. Still, I don’t hesitate to slap on non-prime zoom lenses on the XPro-3.

Also, I’ve found for most uses a Peak Design wrist strap/shoulder strap meets most of my carry needs. They change out in an instant. 

Finally the flip-down LCD, that others aren’t so wild about, has turned out to be pretty handy for some shooting situations. 

So please let us know what your discovering with your new camera. 

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The Xpro 3 is a great camera in my opinion, however I do not think it is a great choice for a first camera, mainly because when one is learning how to shoot a digital camera it is handy to be able to chimp easily and that is not possible with the XPro 3. If you are set on the XPro series, I would start out with the XPro 2.

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