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Any support/updates anymore ?

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So before you guys read and start being mad at me ^^
I own a fujifilm X-T100, O chose its because of its price and image/build quality to actually learn photography and enjoy from an amateur side and have a bit of that proffessional feeling.

I have been a bit disapointed, not by the camera quality or anything else, but by the lack of effort about the X-T100. Everytime a new "fujifilm feature" is aout this camera from the X-series is missing...

We need "Fujifilm X Webcam software support" for the X-T100, today we have to buy capture card to do so while the rest of the X series can use the software, I mean why buying more electronics while we can have support for an already made solution ?

And even if this is the entry level camera it shoud be treated nicely, why wouldn't it get more firmware updates like the menu being reworked like the X-T4 ? And X-T100 compatibility for the softwares?

I honestly love the fujifilm's camera they are great to use and have a good quality overall, but the other brands do a better job on the entry level camera at this price, their firmware supports more functions and it gets more attention.
And don't want to change yet as I still learn photography, but in a near future I might change just because of support lack.

To finish its touches all the X series cameras, it seems to lack of accesories (or I'm just verry bad at searching).
I was looking for a macro ring flash but I've found nothing, I had to hack a regular flash with homemade ligh diffuser.
I think, like Sony/Canon did, the fujifilm environnent should be more open to third party constructors/brands so the accesories catalog would be more rich, making the fuji camera a lot more interesting to buy in the long term.

Sorry but not sorry,
Meanwhile I'm gonna keep using this cool camera for its awesome capabilities, but in the future if nothing has really changed I might not upgrade to the top of the line fuji cameras but rather go look elsewhere.
I hope you understand, I disn't meant to be aggressive or anything, I'm just disapointed.

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I agree. I would love to have this software for my X-T100. I even bought a  capture device for it and even with that I can't really figure it out how to get video to HDMI Output unless it is 4K and I don't want that, where it seems on the more expensive Cameras it is mush easier. Such an artificial limitations which makes me want to change systems before getting much deeper in the FUJIFILM ecosystem.

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