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Fuji Settings in RAW

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Hello there :)

I've been experimenting with Fuji Jpeg Recipes and love the look.
But being a perfectionist I want the best of both worlds, the look from the jpegs and the flexibility from the raw file.
Is there a way to have the in camera settings "stick" to the raw files?
Whenever I open them up in Lightroom, all I'm left with is the raw image.
Or is there a was to save the recipes as Lightroom presets?

Cheers :) 

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I know that Capture One reads the film simulation you've used while shooting and applies that as standard to the raw when importing. You can always go back to 'pure' raw (either manually per image or as setting in batch mode).

I'm not a Lightroom user anymore (for obvious reasons).

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I use a combination of Capture One Pro and LR.  Capture ONE def has the film simulations and I know LR did as well though I have not used them in quite some time.  I do not think they are in LR by default. You may need to add them.  I'd go to the Adobe LR website and poke around there.

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