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100-400 Soft images - help please


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I recently purchased the 100-400 lens for my Fuji XT3 along with the 1.4tc

Having given myself a few weeks to get used to using a longer lens and watching numerous online videos I'm now starting to wonder if I have a dodgy lens. 95% of images (birds, squirrels mainly) are far from sharp and I've become really disappointed with performance.

I have tried:-

  • TC on and off (no real difference)
  • AFS AFC M with focus assist 
  • IOS on/off continuous,/on shooting
  • UV filter on and off
  • Tripod v Handheld
  • Mech shutter / electronic shutter

I've been a hobby photographer for 25+ years so don't think it's me (to be honest I'd be pleased if someone could show me if I was going wrong. Always shooting at 1/500 or above. Even at 1/4000 I get the same issues so don't think it can be a movement issue.

The images I see posted using this lens are a million miles away from what I get and having spent a lot of money I'm desperate to get some advice.

I would really appreciate your thoughts

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Matt, I have this lens and have taken many thousands of shots with it, mainly sports pictures. I'd say that somewhere in the high 90% of the shots are tack sharp. I use AFC, IOS on and off, and hold the lens and my X-T2 on a monopod. Some of the games are at night with stadium lighting and many are in bright sun and have no issues with sharpness. Seems like your lens needs to go in for service.

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I have the exact same problem. I recently bought a Sigma 150-600 with a Canon to Fuji converter. And guess what? My shots are pin sharp 90% of the time!  As for my Fuji, still can't get good shots with it...  So it's not you neither it's me. It's the lens. I guess some of us haven't been lucky and got a lens with soft focus problems. Because I've seen other photogs posting shots taken with the exact same lens (Fuji 100-400) and they got tremendous results.

Now that we think it's the lens, any suggestion for testing it? 

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