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Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumors

Patrick FR

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Recently bought Pro1 and love it.

The other models is mostly plastic feeling.

Sold my Canon 760d with 24 MP, and MP is not everything i can tell you.

6d would have been better path but these lenses are just to big for easy streetphoto, and aperture+shutter dial is just mandatory now.

Will i buy Pro2?

Probably if its an logical upgrade, but not on releaseday.

Higher ISO is an upgrade for me since i like night photo.


My friends see my Pro1 and thinks im am a "pro", all are impressed.

So i stick to rangefinder.


"if you need photoshop, you didnt take a photo"



Skickat från min Nexus 6

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I'm an X100T owner and have been using the X100 line since it was first released. But I'm keen to look at a platform that isn't a DSLR but does allow me to try out different lenses. I always shoot manual everything so losing AF doesn't bother me. I'm torn between laying out £5k on the new Leica M or waiting to see what Fuji do. It's only a few weeks, so I'll wait obviously, and the cost difference should be huge.


You know the thing I really miss is the shutter sound.


I like the look of APS-X, and 24MP would be great if they could solve the issues many pixels in a small space give. I like the Fuji colours.


Really don't know where to go.

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Hmm. It looks identical, but with more bits to play with. Which I guess makes perfect sense when you look at how long they have kept the X100. If it's not broke, just add more horsepower.


I just really wish somebody would have the balls to release a camera without all these buttons on.

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No marked shutter dial has ever had 1/3 stops (not saying it couldn't be done, just that it would be a lot of clicks and possibly slow when changing to a speed a long way away). I seem to recall someone (Leica?) having once done one with half stops (the half stops were unmarked clicks between the marked full stops), but traditionally, shutter speed has been in full stops and fine exposure control has been achieved through aperture and exposure compensation. This changed when unmarked wheels became the control device of choice for shutter speed. Interestingly, this is also the first marked shutter speed dial I've ever seen with 1/8000 on it - between having 1/8000, adding 1/180 for X-sync, the A position and having both T and B, this one has a LOT of positions even without intermediate steps. There is really no reason to have more precise control of shutter speed than full stops most of the time, as long as you have another variable that is adjustable in smaller increments - motion blur/stoppage doesn't change THAT much between full speeds. The two major exceptions are matching shutter speed to frame rate precisely for video (you want the shutter speed to be pretty close to twice the frame rate, so 1/50 is a much better match than 1/60 for 24 or 25 fps) AND getting at the particular intermediate speed you want for flash sync (in the case of Fuji, 1/180, although many older cameras were 1/90, and 1/45 was not unheard of in medium format) - and Fuji's solution allows for both of those. 1/180 is shoehorned onto the dial, and you can get at 1/50 (or any other intermediate speed, but most of the others have few real uses) through the wheel..


Have we seen any further confirmation on the sensor of this beast? Any size or weight specs? I hope it hasn't grown since the X-Pro 1 (the Sony A7 series did from mk I to mk II).


With the big front window, it's CLEARLY a hybrid finder - what else could that possibly be for? The lens release isn't visible, but I'm assuming it's just buried under the lens - with a wider-barreled lens, it's not necessarily easy to see from the front. The video button is also apparently missing - could it be that it doesn't have video? There are certainly plenty of buttons, but none of them seem to be video dedicated, although it could easily be on one of the arrow keys or something.


What's the very traditional looking front lever? Is it the viewfinder mode toggle? I thought I remembered that being on the back of the Pro-1 (and there's a button on the back that seems to say VF Mode), although it's up front on the X100 series. The other possibility is a DOF preview - they have often been on levers like that. . I don't see how the HECK a DOF preview would work in OVF mode - the only two possibilities I can think of are that it switches to the EVF temporarily, or that they have SOMEHOW figured out how to overlay peaking on the optical image). Hopefully, they didn't waste a prominent placement like this on a self-timer (which also often looked like this, because they used to be mechanical, and the lever actually wound the mechanism)..


One last possibility... Could it take a bigger battery? It has always looked like there's been enough room in some of Fuji's larger bodies for a battery one size larger (like a Nikon EL-15, closer to 2000 mAh than 1100). This would be a mixed blessing - the battery would last nearly twice as long, but it wouldn't work with the NP-W126s we've all accumulated, unless Fuji did something really clever and had a dual-size battery compartment.



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