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Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumors

Patrick FR

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thrifty  B)


you know the joke about the thrifty guy? He loves coffe with two lumps of sugar but at home to save money he always takes coffee with one lump and outside, because sugar is free, always takes three lumps.


But he really, really, really, would love two lumps in his coffee! :D

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If one is a terminal klutz who routinely destroys cameras, knocking off external controls, driving buttons into the camera body, then I suppose a fully articulated LCD may be a bad idea. It actually has the advantage of being able to be turned against the camera body when not needed making it far less vulnerable than a fixed LCD. Over the past decade and a half, I have had a number of each type of LCD and the utility and flexibility far outweighs the potential vulnerability. A catastrophe that would break the LCD would be devastating to the rest of the camera.


Neither a deal maker nor breaker, but certainly an incentive to buy.

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So ... no back-button AF? Possible deal-breaker for me.

Back to  CaNikon it is then!


I don't have a Fuji X for the buttons on the back.


I have it so I can select aperture via the lens barrel just like I did in the good old days of film. The days when you had three separate dials for aperture, shutter speed and ASA/ISO. But then, you didn't change ASA/ISO from shot to shot - only from roll of film to roll of film.


And focusing was done manually - ahh them's were the days :-)


Of course, now I'm spoiled with 47 AF points I can select at the touch of a button if I can't be bothered with manual focusing.


TBH - you own a Fuji X because you do not enjoy working with the CaNikon way of doing things...


So I wish you well with your new brand of kit - expect your pictures will be of the same quality they are now - just with a different name on the front of the camera!

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Can’t please everyone all the time if any brand would set out to do that, they would miserably fail. Better profile yourself and please the largest possible market segment that you can handle without creating conflicts within your customer’s base.


Fuji owners have a clear preference for the way these cameras operate. Other cameras operate in a different way. They please other people.


Unicuique suum

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Does anybody STILL think that is a tilt screen on the PRO 2     ?????


It does NOT look like it to me.

Nor to me :(. My back already hurts - thinking on macro work near the ground. If there is no adjustable screen I hope for a perfect wifi solution thus I can use my iphone as a display for macro work.

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    • Thank you for checking, I have just observed the same behavior with the 35mm f/2 - X-S10 with v2.10 chooses 1/100s. I guess I will use the specific minimum shutter speed or simply force myself to use the M mode more. 
    • Can I ask, what type of audio are you looking to capture?
    • Hi All, This is my first post. Hope this hasn't been covered before. I have something I'm trying to figure out on my x100v. I typically have my camera in natural live view with "Preview Exposure" off because I don't like seeing my exposure settings reflected in the image in the EVF. However, it seems that, in this setup, the live histogram no longer adjusts based on my exposure settings... Is there any way to get the histogram to show results based on what the resulting image will be without having the EVF brighten/darken based on exposure settings? With "preview exposure" on, I find it hard to compose-- especially in certain situations when trying to protect the HL's. Thanks very much! Collin
    • Hi all,Second post here would appreciate the input. I just purchased an X-T3 and X-H1.The EVFs on paper are meant to be the same with same refresh rates when in boost mode.The sizes are also meant to be almost exactly the same at 0.50 inches X-T3 and 0.48 inches X-H1 with the same resolution.However the X-H1 EVF feels smaller (bigger black border around the edges) and not as clear. It also gives me eye strain after just a few minutes. (I have adjusted diopter). It feels like its further away if that makes sense?Has anyone else noticed a difference between the EVFs when using them side by side because on paper they are meant to be the same. Perhaps its just this particular X-H1.Thanks,
    • I must have activated the wrong setting because now when I switch to the OVF the white windows stays for a second and then completely disappears. Any idea how to get it back? Thank you all so much. 🙂
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