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X-T4 stuck on "STORING"

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I have a very strange issue with the X-T4 which arrived today.

My X-T3 is working perfectly, the X-T4 in "S" mode, AF-C, stays like 2 secs on "STORING" with an Adata UHS-II 300 MB/s card.

What is strange is that in CH mode at 10 frames / sec, it works perfectly, shot like 200 pictures, and never slowed down, and after i got bored and stopped pressing the shutter, it cleared the buffer in like 2 secs.

So writing on card works like a charm.

Any ideas how to fix this? At the moment the camera is unusable because of "STORING" thing.


Thanks in advance,


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I’ve had a similar issue. After shooting a couple of photos in s mode I turned the camera off, but green light started blinking and camera stuck with no reaction to on/off button. I was waiting a couple of minutes and heard some noises from the lens motor each 2-3 sec. I simply pulled the battery out and it solved the trouble. The primary use of my xt4 is video and I can say I made not more than 50-100 photos with it.

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Got my new X-T4 this week. It's generally working great, however if the 'Clarity' setting is set to anything other than '0' then images take a lot longer to record to the SD card. Also the frame rate in the EVF drops off quite a bit. I'm guessing using clarity is quite processor intensive.

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It is clear. I observed the same. This should be informed by Fujifilm. And if it is something solvable through a firmware update, they should solve it quickly, together with the problem of custom setting names not appearing on the Q menu. Why do we want a name for each custom setting if then we cannot read them in the Q menu? This was working fine in the X-T3.

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I have more or less a similar issue.
When turning the drive to "ADV" and try to shoot in "Advanced Filter Settings" e.g. (Partial Color Orange)
the "STORING" error shows up as well, for about two seconds. 

The photo, however, is stored on the memory card. 
The SD card I use is the ProGrade SD UHS-II 128GB Card V90 –Up to 250MB/s Write Speed and 300 MB/s

Drive "ADV"
Select menu Shooting Settings 
"Drive Setting"
"Advanced Filter Settings"
"Partial Color Orange"

So something is not entirely processed correctly but it is working.

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When the X-T4  camera is in S mode, switching between the clarity settings from "1" to "0" does work.

When the X-T4 Camera is in ADV mode it's not possible to make changes to the clarity setttings, so the issue remains., and the "STORING" notification still pops up. Even when I formatted the SD card. 

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