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Anyone else disappointed w/ build quality?

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3 hours ago, JanosP said:

I bumped mine against some plastic trim in the car yesterday. Not even hard.

Now I know I should forget about it and carry on with the shooting, it will happen again sooner or later, but It gets on my nerves and I keep looking at this spot. Has anyone ever tried to cover something like this up with touch up paint :)



Your X-T4 now looks like a pro camera !

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I would hazard a guess that the X-T4 that you all have received is made no longer in Japan, hence the lower quality. The one I picked up was made in China, and it felt nothing like a Japanese made Fujifilm camera! I have also owned the X-Pro3, X-T3 and X100F before I went GFX.

If I was to buy back into the X camera line I would only buy a Japanese made camera. I thinks in this case it matters where it is made and quality control. I hope this is not a sign of things to come, up to now I have had zero issues and thought the quality of Fujifilm is high.

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    • Welcome to our forum!
    • Hi Chris, I've had the same experience with my 15mm 4.5f Voigtlander. VERY soft images outside the center, moved on to the Fujinon 18mm 2f and perfectly happy. Cheers,
    • mornin' every one,  New to the forum and the X system. Camera collector since the '90s. I've been swapping old "analogic" stuff for "old" digital stuff. So I ended up with a X-T1 and a X-Pro1, with 27mm and 18mm (small ) and a few adapters to play with the Legacy lenses. Still adapting to the mirrorless ecosystem 😞 Meh...!
    • I am thinking of adapting my sigma 17-50 f2.8 canon ef-s lens on Fuji xt3 via a viltrox speed booster. My biggest confusion is that will this effect focal length and light gathering of my lens?  An speed booster does so when adapting full frame lens on APS-C bodies. But what if I want to adapt an APS-C Lens on another APS-C body via an speed booster? 
    • Hi Jozzef, same with my one. The pictures at 16mm are not as sharp, as they should be. I given the lens back. Others say it is a good universal lens. Maybe some has problems from production side? 
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