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Mike A

Anyone else disappointed w/ build quality?

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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster.

I've had my silver X-T4 since May 12th. While I am very happy with the photo and video quality that it can produce, I have to say that I am quite disappointed by the build quality. I've been a die-hard Fujifilm shooter since the X100 came out. I got that, then the X100S, then the X-T2 when they all came out brand new. I was very excited for IBIS and 4k60 video in one body from the Fuji so I jumped on the X-T4.

Going from the X-T2 to the X-T4 seems like a huge downgrade in terms of build quality. The top dials and command dials all feel cheaper and looser. The shutter button is mushy and loose. The screen flip-out hinge seems incredibly weak. And also the bottom "metal" plate already has a bunch of scuff marks and dings in it. It almost looks as bad as my 4'ish year old X-T2 and I've had it for a little more than a week.

Is anyone else experiencing the same build quality issues? I can't imagine that all of these issues are just my copy of the camera.

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Really don’t care as I consider xt4 as a tool. But totally agree, with the cost of more than USD 2k in official stores in my country XT4 doesn’t seem to be worth this price in terms of build quality.

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Its a shame... coming from Nikon 700 I was really shocked how plastic.. feel metal Fuji. Doors, rubber, lens connection etc - its not a pro-tool as advertised.
Not mentioning problems with a battery/grip connection - which Fuji didnt and dont want to recognize worldwide. 
Not good.


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    • Shame, you should seriously look at Capture One as a) you don't have to pay for it, the Fuji version is free to users of Fuji. b) Capture one really does not have a big learning curve at all, people make out it does, and it put me off for a long while, and then I did it and it was great. It has a tool to import and covert your existing LR catalogue (whilst preserving the LR catalogue) c) There are options to configure the view and workflow to ape LR as closely as is possible to he
    • As well as any other camera. Its fine till you go below the auto focus low light threshold which I believe is -5, in practice I have not found it to be a blocker for flash photography outside or in studio, which is where I use them, YMMV
    • So after all your requests have been answered favorably by Fuji with the X_t4, have you bought one?
    • I have been using my XT4 quite a bit lately--mostly making outdoors videos, but also some family/portrait shoots.   One strange thing that I've noticed:  After setting up the display exactly how I like it, the EVF will display histogram, level, and battery level (among other things).  However, when I am just looking at the back screen, these 3 items are not displayed--UNLESS I turn off the AF!  As soon as AF is turned off, histogram, level, batt level appear on the rear screen exactly where
    • Fuji gave us the X-Pro3 for still focused users, no? Personally, I'd sacrifice AF for IBIS and if Fuji had more OIS lenses, sacrifice IBIS desires as OIS is close enough. Just too useful with environmental portraits. I have the GF45-100 primarily because of OIS.   
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