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I'm currently considering the current Fuji offer of the XE-3 at $500 this spring 2020. I had an XE-1 and currently use the XE-2s. I'm a bit concerned about moving from the d-pad to a joy stick and the touch screen. I've seen several negative remarks here on the forum. Any thoughts on whether the image quality/benefits are worth making a switch/upgrade? Thanks, Jim White. 

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Jim, I'll start off by saying I'm completely in the tank for the X-E3, so my opinion is anything but objective.

When I came to Fujifilm, I selected the X-E3 very carefully to suit my specific needs and best value. I was careful to NOT compare the X-E3 to other models because every model matches a different set of needs.

In that regard, I never compared the X-E3 ergonomics to another Fujifilm model, with or without the D-Pad. However, I migrated from Nikon where I did have a D-Pad, and I do not miss it at all on the X-E3. In fact, I find X-E3 ergonomics to be optimal; I really don't think they can any more efficient than they are. For me, I think the addition of a D-Pad would actually slow me down. In shopping for a spare body, I rejected the X-E2s because of the D-Pad and placement of the other buttons. It just felt clumsy to me compared to the X-E3. 

I believe the X-E3 at $500 USD is one of the best value opportunities in the market. I am buying another X-E3 at this price, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

And my hope for the upcoming X-E4? I just hope it's the X-E3 just as it is.

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Hi Jim,

I myself had the X-E2 and then, X-E2S.  II have a X-E3 for about 6 months now. It is a wonderful deal.

What can I say : The joystick is not perfect when you dive too much in in the menus. Sometimes I hit and miss. I use the Jpg to Raw in camera conversion menu, I cannot go as fast as with the d-pad. Nevertheless, the joystick works very well for choosing focus. I have no big issues with swipes, it works well for me.

May i add that the X-E3 is a totally different camera that its predecessors. Its more advanced in features and sensor. While the image quality, on the specs sheet, is better, the rendering of the image is different, i still find the X-E2s image quality wonderful.

The two negatives for the X-E2s, the skin smoothing on images at higher ISO and its video quality made want to upgrade, not the image quality or the resolution. The video quality on the X-E3 is okay but not as nice as the X-T2 slightly cropped version.

I much prefer the X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s's design to the X-E3.

I hope this help you ... 

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