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Issue with setting up Fuji XT 20 for Godox V860 ii and X1 trigger

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am using fujifilm XT 20 camera and recently I bought the Godox v 860ii flash and X1 trigger and i am having some troubles setting it up with my camera. I wonder if you can help me i would be very thankful to you. I got everything right with my another fuji camera-  XT 3, i could use the flash on my camera and off camera with the help of the trigger.  However there is issue with my XT 20.
When i putting my flash on the camera (XT 20) it works in the Manual mode.  But when i am connect the trigger to the camera and the flash is used as an off camera flash, it is not firing when I click the shutter button. I checked the settings on the camera and in the flash function settings i see the mode as - "Sync Terminal" (which i guess should be TTL as i attach the flash or trigger) which according to manual means that there is no flash unit or the unit is not compatible with the camera. Also in camera flash settings, I only see "M" and "off". What am i missing here... please help. Why cant I see TTL mode when i attach my trigger or the flash. I do see when i attach my flash or the trigger to my XT 3.
I am completely stuck here and really in need of some expert help.
Just before writing this i updated my camera's firmware as well but no luck after the upgrade also.
Please help ...thanks
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