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Constant audio noise when turned on - is it the IS?


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I'm the proud owner of a beautiful X-T4. During my first days with it, I heard a very silent constant humming, that came from the camera (you have to put your ear to it). I'm not sure if it is normal and because of the IS and so I want to ask around. I tried to turn the IS off, but there was still the same sound. It sounds like a very small fan in the camera (it probably isn't but it sounds like it). Maybe you can check on your cameras.

Thanks for your help

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If I had to hazard a guess, yes, I believe those are the IS motors at work. Put an OIS lens on a non-IBIS camera and you'll hear the same humming from the lens. As for the noise remaining when IS is turned off in the menu, that may contradict my guess, but perhaps the motors are always running and are just unlocked when IS is enabled.

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Hey bro, the user manual mentions this as a side effect of turning on image stabilization.  Read the last line (and be reassured!) 




Reduce blur.

Option Description
CONTINUOUS Image stabilization on.
SHOOTING ONLY Image stabilization enabled only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (focus mode C) or the shutter is released.
OFF Image stabilization off; x appears in the display. Choose when the camera is mounted on a tripod or otherwise fixed in place.

The setting selected with the lens image stabilization switch, if any, takes priority over the setting chosen with the IS mode.

Note that vibration or camera sounds may be noticeable as image stabilization takes effect.

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