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Can't import large files from XT4 to Mac


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Recently bought an XT-4 and already filmed a first videos.
Unfortunately I can't find a way to copy video files to my Mac. Each s/w I use (FCPX, Apple Photos or Image Capture) cuts files to approx 4.3 Gb and makes videos incomplete

Being connected to a PC, camera shows 20+ GB files 

Any suggestions guys? Should I just go and buy a card reader? (not an easy thing, according to covid lockout)


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Are you using a sdhc card?

If so, then for video things get a bit odd. The SD manufacturers say these have to formatted using Fat32 format which has a single file size limit of 4 gb. The video files are stitched together to appear seamless during playback, but using the camera’s built in card reader may cause only the first part to transfer.

The sdxc cards are supposed to be formatted using exFAT, which lets you use larger single file storage sizes, but a card reader may not recognize this (if it expects only sdhc cards).

External card readers usually can tell the difference.

Did you have the camera’s drive mode set up as ‘card reader’ type?

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The story gets more complicated. It seems that the cards capacity is also tied into the file size being stored:


I checked this by recording a 6 minute video using my sdxc card that was already fairly full (29 gb out of 64 gb) and sure enough, it split the video into a 4.1 gb clip and a 1.35 gb clip. I do not have any 128 gb or larger sdxc cards to really test this notion with, as in, freshly format and run for a while and see what happens. But it would be worth a try.

*** I am a little surprised that you did not 'see' several different files listed that you could import and stitch together ala iMovie, older QuickTime Pro, or Premiere or FCPX, etc. -- Yeah, I know the is not the preferred approach, but it is what I see in ImageCapture, iMovie direct from camera import, Photos direct from camera import, etc.. 

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I was just having this problem as well. I used image capture to transfer 8 video files to my mac, but they all cut out at 4.29 GB and I didn't notice until much later.  Do I need to buy a card reader? Will that even solve the problem? Terrified to use my X-T4 on another real shoot now...

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hi guys, i just got a fujifilm xh2 and i really love it, however, i shot an 18 min interview for my youtube and i tried to replay it and it won't play more than about 1min 30secs. after some research i find that image capture won't allow files more than 4gb, first of all why doesn't fujifilm tell us this? anyway i have two questions, is the only way to get files bigger than 4gb a card reader, and two is it possible to retrieve the 18min interview that i have already done?



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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, levonter said:

@helel smith did you fixed this issue last year? or 18min is gone forever. I have 20 clips and I'm shaking If I can't retrieve them.

If you can play the entire clips back in your camera, they are not lost. Well, as long as there are no future accidents.

Try the card reader approach discussed in the postings above H. Smith’s. You will need to pull the separate files over to your computer and use a movie editor to stitch them back into a being a single file. Oh yeah, make backups.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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