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Hi all

I have two bodies one XT-2 and a XT-3.

What I am trying to do is mirror the custom buttons that I have assigned to my XT-2 too the XT-3.

I cant seem to get the 'Face Detection Settings' allowing me to choose Face, Eye, Right Eye or Left Eye.  That the XT-2 provides.

Instead the all I can select on the XT-3 is Face Detection Off or one of the four variants (Eye off, Eye Auto, Right Eye Priority or Left Eye P...)  that seems to be only access my the main menu.

Has anyone come across this? 


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Yes, on the X-T2 the function button would bring up a temporary menu where you'd select which variant of face detection you wanted. The X-T3 frustratingly doesn't do this. Instead each press of the button just toggles it on or off in the background with nothing to tell you which way you switched or which variant you'd like. That has to be preselected in the menu beforehand.

I really hope Fujifilm can revert to the X-T2's way of doing it as that was much more user friendly. Note that if you assign 'Face Selection' to a Fn button instead of 'Face Detection' it at least flashes a banner on the screen to say whether it has turned on or off.

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