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Remove LCD back screen on GFX50R

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Hello every one !

I want to remove the LCD back screen from my GFX 50R :

I never use it, I even blocked the view mode button so my camera stay on EVF all the time. I'm also a left eye shooter, so I my nose need a little more space. And without screen the camera will be lighter, more discrete and no risk to break the screeen so if I want to sale my 50R, I'll just need to put the screen back and it will be like new !

The LCD and metalic support are very easy to remove, only 4 tiny screen you can see when you flip out the screen. 

The tricky part is the wire between body and screen. It goes inside so I need to tear down body to get the connectics off.

I also don't know if the camera can work without the screen connected. You can do everythings and get access to all menu with EVF, but may be I'll just get some error once the screen is gone.

If you have some advice or better a step by step tear down guide for 50R, please let me now (I'll found a guide for 50S only).

thanks !


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I think that's insane.  Why not get a protective glass cover over it, then use Gafer tape to seal it up instead of destroying the aesthetics and maybe, just maybe the functionality of the camera.  Just sayin'

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