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Hi there!


I'm Kim, from the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada.  I was a Canon shooter for many years, and have been a member of Photography on the Net (POTN) for a long time.  As age caught up wih me, I began to really struggle to carry 30 lbs of gear around, so over the last few months I have switched systems from Canon to Fuji.  Right now I am making due with an XT1, the 18-55 and the 55-200.  And I'm very impatiently waiting for the new macro, and the new zoom due in the next year.  With Canon I shot ton of hand held macro with the 100L, and lots of birds with the 100-400L.  I'm impressed with the quality of the Fuji "kit" lenses but 200 isn't long enough for me, and I find that I'm cropping the heck out of everything.

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Good Evening,


I am Eugene, from the Midwest of the United States (Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois). Originally started the photography hobby as a Nikon shooter. I still have my DSLR (D800), but also have an X-T1 and an X-E1 with the 35mm, 18-55, and 55-200. I'm not a professional by any means. I like to shoot just about anything.

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Hi everybody, I'm Pedro writing from the south of Portugal (Tavira).

I'm coming from shooting a Leica M8 for the last six years but after the 3rd problem I think I'm done with it. Nevertheless, a nice collection of M lens is still ready to show their mojo in my new X-Pro1.

This is a sample from last night, with a Zeiss 35mm f2,8


150607 026 Bw

I'm having a great time with the X-Pro1, hope you all too !!
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Bonsoir Toutes et Tous,


Further to Andreas' invitation here is a quick (?) introduction to myself.


I'm Jeremy and live in Montpellier, France.


My encounter with photography goes back to when I was 8 (56 years ago) and I discovered the alchemy and magic of the dark room, having been given an ilford sportie and a couple of rolls of 127 film.


After a teen break where rock music and young ladies were of greater interest ;-) I went back to photography, bought my self compact 35 mm camera and set myself up a darkroom.


In color I used slides.


Like many of you I have used a fair amount of film and digital equipment over the years and have found that what is important is how you can get the maximum out it for the kind of photos you take.


I came to Fuji as I 'played' with an x100 in a photo shop in London, when it came out in 2011 and it gave me a nice feeling. Last year I bought one second hand and it immediately relegated my heavy DSLR to the cupboard. I have since traded in the latter to acquire an xt1 with 14mm and 18-55mm, which basically covers the focal range of my old Pentax MX and lenses (24, 35 and 85mm), which I used for 30 years, prior to digital.

This is all I need.


As for what I like to take - landscapes, nature and things because they are there.


I shoot raw and post process (in Capture One now, Aperture until June 2014) - echoes of the darkroom, I suppose. I convert most to black and white.


The final word I do photography because I find it creative and I enjoy it.


Sorry if I have been too long.


Looking forward to sharing and exchanging experience and advice.

Best regards


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Hi all!! My name is Marcelo Valente. I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

I use to shoot with a Canon XS dslr. I had a bunch of lenses already and I started looking into a new camera to do an upgrade. The dream camera for me at the time was a Canon 7D and I had pretty much made my mind. I was saving up some cash to buy it. I had saved up about the necessary cash when my f***ing washer broke. Guess what...the cash turned into a new washer.

So...back to saving again and looking around I came to a post from some photographer, maybe Trey Radcliff (I think that's his name) and how he switched to Sony mirrorless cameras, so, I started looking into those and somehow found fujirumors.com ;-)

This was a couple of months before the X-E2 came out in 2013. And right at the release date my dad was going to the US and I was able to get the X-E2 with the 18-55.

Since then I also got the XF 60mm because I used to shot a lot of macro with the Canon. Then I got the XF 27mm, the 35mm, the XC 50-230 (great lens by the way) and I got the 18mm the other day, but it was broken and I had to ship it back. I'll buy the Samyang 12mm once I get someone coming from the US to bring it to me, and then my budget from my Canon great will finally end.

Since switching to Fuji my photo style changed a bit. I migrated more towards street photography and have shot much less Macro.

You can follow me on Flickr or Instagram. I used to post a lot to G+ bit it seems I wasn't getting much love there anymore so I abandoned it.




Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk

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Hello from Pleasant Valley, California!


My name is Harold. I have been photographing since elementary school in the 60's. My first SLR was a Nikon and I loved it and stayed with them for 30 + years. Then I bought the Nikon D600 complete with oil and dust. I hated that they knew about it and sold them anyway until China forced them to stop selling them. Then how they dealt with their customers who were trying to get the issue resolved was absurd. Praise God that after 18 months I went back to Costco and they gave me my money back. I was totally elated. I didn't think for a millisecond that they would take it back. Thank God they did. With 3500 + in my pocket, I went looking for another camera. A friend who is the VP of a Camera, Lens Rental, etc. company recommended the Fuji X-T1. This guy takes awesome images. So, I bought it. At first, I didn't like the learning curve. It has a lot of feautures but not all the ones that Nikon has. I missed the HDR the most. I stuck with it and continued studying the manual. I was getting some of the best images I had ever taken right on my own property. The Fuji images were much clearer and the colors much more saturated than the Nikon. So, I am not buying the D610 and have a brand new book for learning the D600 and a brand new battery for the Nikon D600, D610, D750 and I don't know what else it fits to sell.


My favorite things to photograph are landscapes but I am an Equal Opportunity Photographer. If something looks interesting to me or I think someone else would appreciate it, I capture it. With the Fuji, the lenses feel so much better. I don't know if they are better than Nikon lenses scientifically speaking but they just feel like a precision instrument. I worked on cars for a living until my back gave out. It is like using a Snap-On wrench versus something bought from an auto parts store for a buck. With the Snap-On, I could get out a bolt or nut that someone had rounded off the edges and with the Auto Parts one, I busted my knuckles.


Anyways, I bought the 60mm macro Fuji Lens and have a new found love in shooting flowers. My Sister has Cancer for the second time. She lives far away and refuses to allow me to go there to help her. So, I decided I was going to take a picture of a flower every day and send it to her with hopefully some kind of encouraging note. The Auto Focus isn't that great to put it nicely so I manual focus. The bokeh is awesome out of this lens. I know a lot of people I talked to sold their 60mm and bought the 56 mm because of the Auto Focus problem and the noise it makes. Unfortunately for me, it's not in my budget anytime soon. I have a horror story of my own I won't bore you with but I was forced to take an early retirement because of medical issues.


I am looking forward to the next firmware update 4. I have heard it is going to give us a new Auto Focus system. I hope it helps the 60mm. I love this little camera. It reminds me of shooting film camera's a while ago with all the dials. Its great to have all that control over your shots though. I only use Manual, so I had to study all about them as some are stacked on others. I am getting more familiar with it but still have a lot to learn. I saved my Cokin Filters from my Nikon so I'm going to try some of those soon and see how things work out. It's just like life. You have to try things and some your going to fail at others you will succeed at. If you don't try new things, I don't think that you can ever become great at anything. So, I am not afraid to try new things with this camera. Heck, is all you do is delete the picture and start again. It is much cheaper than the film days and you don't have to take a second trip to that location. You know right then it didn't come out like you want.


I hope I can help people on this Forum and I also hope others can help me. I wish you all great health and joy! Happy Shooting!

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Hi all, name's Johan and Im from Indonesia, currently at Pekanbaru city, coming from Canon to Nikon then landed happily to Fuji since xe-1 now shooting with xe-2 with almost 23mm attached all the time, and xe-1 as backup body with 35mm on it and 18-55 in case I need a wider framing. Starting as wedding photographer and now I shoot mostly kids and foods, please check my instagram for my food adventure in my town @iHeartPKU . Blessing to you all good people.  :)

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time to introduce myself.


hello everyone,


my name is patrick, i´m from vienna, austria.

started my photography about 4 years ago with a nikon d3100. after some bad experience in bad weather on the azores islands i switched to the weather sealed nikon d7100. after i build up a nice set of glass for the nikon i started my search for a small system for my extended travelling in europe. my job takes me all around europe and i wanted a nice camera to go with me everywhere. the nikon set was way to big although i like the IQ. 

after a few month of research i decided to go for a x-e2 with the 18-55 kit lens. 

now i had a set that was always in my bag. i loved the quality and got used to the evf and its benefits fast. after getting the xf23 as a high quality multi purpose prime i decided to invest into the fuji system to replace my nikon gear one day. especially for my landscape work (which) is my favourite topic i went for an 12mm zeiss lens which nicely did the job with my extended set of filters. after adding 55-200 and finally a x-t1 as an other body i can now sell all my nikon gear. 

now that i can do everything i was able to do with the nikon gear, BUT at half the size and weight i´m happy with that decision. 

the x-t1 i bought because of the tilt-screen and the weather sealing, so right now there is one thing i´m missing. a WR lens to accompany the x-t1 in bad weather situations. so for the moment i can´t decide between the xf16/1.4 and 16-55/2.8. i tend to go for the xf16/1.4 just for size, weight and the additional options for lowlight.


so i´m happy to be part of this fast evolving community and also want to thank the people who made this possible and as enjoyable as it is at the moment:)

go on!



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I'm Geoff and presently hang my hat up in Halifax Nova Scotia and Fogo Island Newfoundland.

I've been making pictures for far more years than I'd like to admit, with an extensive amount of Nikon gear. However tried the Xpro1 when it first came out and enjoyed it. So much so that an XT-1 and several lenses have been added. Really enjoy the portability!

What would it take to add a classified section to the forum Andreas?


A few images can be found here geoffbrewsterphotographydotcom


Look forward to getting to know you!!

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i got back into photography about 15 years ago an was shooting with Canon gear until the past year.  I initially got the X-E2 just to play around with mirrorless and then got the X-T1 about 6 months ago.  I subsequently sold all my Canon gear and am full Fuji.


Equipment list:


Bodies:  X-E2, X-T1


Lenses:  18-55, 18-135, 10-24, 55-200, 56 mm 1.2


Flash:  Nissin i40


I mostly do landscape photography but have started working on portrait work with the 56, which is an amazing lens.  I'm sold on Fuji and am also looking forward to the 4.0 firmware.  You can view my work at my website.

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Normally shoot a Leaf Medium Format back for the professional work which I mostly put onto a Fuji 680 so I have swings and tilts.  Wine and food mainly.

San Francisco

Bought the Fuji to put in my pocket when I travel.

Web....  http://cargocollective.com/makerunknown


Exposure site.....https://paulkirchner.exposure.co

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Hello there,


I'm Jan, a vocational photographer from Luxembourg. Made the switch to the Fuji X system a little over a year ago and love it! I also write about photography and the Fujis over at my blog:


Nearly all of the photos on my website were shot with the Fujis, of which I own an X-T1 and an X-E2. My lenses at the moment are the 10-24mm, the 16-55mm, still the 18-55 (should video become better), the 50-140mm and the 35mm which is my prefered lens on the streets. If you'd like to know more, I've written quite a bit on my blog and you'll also find my short bio over there.




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I am Joe Orban a hobbyist photographer with some photos at http://www.joeorbanphotography.squarespace.com/  and also at http://www.flickr.com/vidular which are still mostly from the Nikon butI  will be adding Fujis over time. Originally I started shooting wildlife and nature with Nikon and purchased the X100 years ago when it first came out to do Street photography.  Very impressed with Fuji technology and customer support so when the X-T1 was released I felt it was time to get serious about mirrorless so I sold some large expensive Nikon lenses and started building an X system.  Very happy with it, indeed used the X-T1 with the 50-140/2.8 to shoot a talent show I did in prior years with the D600 and 70-200/2.8 and was please the results were just as good, perhaps even better with face tracking turned on.  My photography interest have expanded beyond wildlife as I do some photography for local community organization including some some sports activities and portraits.


I still use the D600 and 80-400 lens for wildlife but am very interested to see what Fuji delivers in that long 100-400 lens.


I hope to learn from some the the more experienced people on this forum and perhaps contribute occasionally.  Great to see some members have blogs and write about Fuji cameras, I will be sure to read some of them.


My Fuji kit now contains the following:


X-T1 (4 batteries and some very fast memory cards)

10-24, 18, 18-55, 35, 56 and 50-140

I use Lightroom CC for processing.



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Bonjour All,


My name is Antoine Kossou. I live in Russia / Moscow. I'm a Fuji user since 2013. I bought a Fuji x-pro1. It was and still my first camera and my first step to photography.


I shoot just for fun but want to learn more and more how to make good pictures. Anyway this forum will help me indeed.





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Hello, brand new here, not with photography. I'm 72 years old, retired and for 4 years only worked with Nikon. The last ones were the D3s and a bag full of glass. But it was so heavy that I couldn't carry it anymore. 2 heavy surgery's make it impossible to go on with photography. Sold everything after buying the first  X=E1, soon followed by X-E2 and now X-T1. Now, 4 years later very happy with the X trans sensor. My wife also works with an X-T1, so we share the lenses. 


After a long career in photography and a lot of other stuff with has something to do with photography, more than 10 years worked for Kodak as a technician so we did everything in the professional work, like X-ray, photocopying, develop and print shops, microfilm and so on. Then I changed to other companies and still in the microfilm work. And now I enjoyed my life with a lot of time and a lot of photography. I'm not publishing that much, but sometimes I put my pictures on G+ peter nadort.  Regards, peter 

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Name is Alan and have been using Fuji since their S1 Pro. This started me on an affair with Nikon because of the lenses. However with the release of the Xpro1 I have come back and now shoot almost everything on an XT1. 


I tend to take pictures weekly of my travels with work or personal. always on the run and all hand held. Other pictures inspire me to take better shots and just get out there. 



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Hello everyone,

Though I have been following the FR posts on Facebook for some time now, I finally decided to join your little group. My name is Omer Terrason and I have been doing photography for about four decades now. I am a former flight medic and a law enforcement officer. After retiring from the 'job,' I went back to school for Graduate studies in policy and public law. Primarily, I photograph my family, friends, and subjects that interest me. I often use photography to aid my policy work.

Film cameras that I have owned are: a Brownie, a Yashica TLR, Contax RTS II + Zeiss 1.4/50, and the Olympus OM system (OM 2SP, OM 4Ti.) I still do some film photography with the Olympus OM system. I am a big photography buff and a collector of photo gear. Over the last ten years, I have acquired and shot with Canon, Olympus, Sony, Lumix, and Pentax. Now I use Fuji X-system, Nikon, and Leica equipment.


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Good morning!  New to registering for the Forum- but big fan!  I am the Old Man of an organization called ROW- Rivers of the World- www.row.org. Presbyterian minister by profession who uses remote rivers as a way to get to people. Lots of fun! Leave for Kinshasa, Congo in about 10 days-


anyway for over 30 years was solely a Leica M user- film , then M9's- last Leica lens I bought was the new 35 1.4 ASPH- loved it, not a lot of confidence in the M9 sensor honestly- too much drama- X-Pro 1 , XE2, XT1 grey- almost all the glass- 18-135 is superb for travel to difficult places (aka work!). Really looking forward to the XPro 2 as most of us are- but love all my Fuji gear- confidence in the gear, weather sealed when and where I need it- love what I get shooting them-post-4231-0-22596200-1435319868_thumb.jpg


Look forward to learning a lot from you folks!!





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Hi all new I'm a new Fuji X-T1 user, although I'm referred to as the old Codgger my name is Tom been taken photos for a few years now

I like all types of photography,

I shoot Raw, which I prefer

although I have not tried Fuji jpegs straight from camera yet I will have to give them a try


I live in Ayrshire Scotland, near Troon


I just love my Fuji camera should have changed a long time ago,

well you all have a nice day


Tom G/ Old Cogger

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My name is Alex Dimitrov from Sofia, Bulgaria- currently living somewhere in the mountains close to Grenoble with my wife and our little boy.


I'm self-employed product designer, 3d visualization artist and photographer (architecture and stock). I'm passioned in designing 3D printable accessories (also for my fuji), photographing, image retouching and 3D rendering for architects and designers.


I purchased my first camera- D500 in 2010 and later in 2013 instead to upgrade to D800 I suddenly turned toward X-E1 and few lenses. Cheers!


design works


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I'm mostly a Leica (M240, M6, R8 etc) user but do dabble a bit with Canon (as my sight fails i've moved more toward AF) especially my EOS 5 film camera which I love.  I've had a X-E1 for sometime and decided to move to a X-T1 recently and have been looking around for a suitable forum.  Tried a couple but was not comfortable and then stumbled across this one which if it's run as well as it's older sister site the Leica User Forum will be my new home for all things Fuji.


Look forward to posting more.

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Hi there.


My name is Anders, originally from Sweden, but I haven't lived there for a long time. VIa England, Germany and Norway, I have now ended up in Bolivia. I have been working with photojournalism for a while, but nowadys I mainly shoot for my own satisfaction. after having shot Nikon (D300, several D700, D3, D3s, D3x, and D4) I finally had enough after I bought the D800. I got fed up with the weight, the price, and the attitude of Nikon. I dumped it all, including some absolutely amazing lenses, and bought myself the X100s, the XT-1, a 23, 35, 56 and 50-140. I'll never look back.



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    • That is odd, there are very few other settings that limit using es. Having a flash unit attached is one, but I would have thought that would also keep you from using ms+es. Mines does this: Have you upgraded to the most recent firmware? This may sound drastic, have you copied you settings down somewhere and tried a full reset?
    • Thanks for the reply. I don't have that choice in my x-t30 menu  It's just MS or ES/MS with ES for fast exposures i.e. 1/4000s Louise
    • I agree with all that's been said above, hence my decision to buy XS10 rather than XT4. The reputation of Pentax was that if it got covered in mud you could wash it under a running tap. I never tried that but was happy to use it in briefly in heavy rain and desert sandstorms and never had a problem. I wouldn't be that confident in such circumstances without weather sealing and would use poly bag and chamois even in less extreme conditions. It's often the small doors covering SD slots, batteries etc that aren't sealed, and some times cable and microphone or remote shutter sockets have no cover at all. Sealing a pop-up flash isn't easy either. Worth protecting those points if you're out in weather you want to protect yourself from.  
    • https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en-int/manual/x-t30/menu_shooting/shooting_setting/index.html Scroll down to Shutter Type. It is in the shooting menus setup, you can choose between manual shutter, electronic shutter or both together.
    • Hi all I have been trying to use my x-t30 with the electronic shutter but not having much success  As it's a mirrorless camera I thought it would be straightforward! But there appears to be no way to manually select it (only combined ms/es). I've set it to auto with 1/125s exposure. I'm using a hand-held wired shutter release. I'm sure it was working before I updated the firmware to 1.40 a while back but I confess I haven't really used it since. Am I missing something or is there any way around this issue? At the same time, I can take short video clip and it's fine - surely I must be able to take a still? Thanks for any suggestions Louise
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