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Hey folks,

my name is Richard. I am from Slovakia, currently based in Singapore. I work as visual effect artist creating visual effects for movies. I am photographing since 2008. I started with Fuji S3 Pro. That camera used Nikon lenses so after the body died I started to use Nikons for number of years.  As of 2 weeks ago I am fully Fuji again. I do not own DSLR any more and I have one more Nikkor lens to sell.

I mostly photograph travel, landscape, documentary work. I am trying to get more into flash and studio photography just to broaden my skills but traveling is where my photographic heart is. I do not make money with photographs and if you are interested to see some go to richardsimko.com

That;s about it :) Looking forward to great conversations and new friendships.

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Hello everyone ,

I live in Italy and approached photography in 1989 with a Minolta XGM , I then had Nikon , Canon , Contax - Yaschica , Leica R , Pentax , Ricoh etc etc .. I then switched to digital mostly embracing the 4 : 3 Olympus .. Also here after various changes including Canon , Nikon and Pentax have landed in Fuji for about one year and I'm happy .. Photographer mostly nature and trains (which are my passion .. ) but to work even weddings and various ceremonies .. now my Fuji kit consists of X - T1 with handle , X - E2 , 18-55 , 14 , 23 , 56 and EF - 42 .. greetings to all and good photos !

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Hello everybody!!!

I am italian but actually living in Spain, I am a 30 years old photography lover.

My passion started when I was a child, photographing the big world (in comparaison to me) with a Yashica, a 28mm, a 50, a 135 and a lot of curiosity.

I then became digital with the Pentax k-10D, a camera I really loved. Then I spent a little year with a boooring Pentax k-r wich really frustrated me.

Then the jump to Fuji... First with an X-E1 with kit lens and 35mm. I was happy with image quality but not at all with functionality.. Too slow for  me. So I sold it and bought 2 X-A1, a 27mm, a 16-50,a 50-230 and a Samyang 12mm 2.0.

I am happy like this for the moment, just waiting for a good body to replace an X-a1, but still not produced.

I will talk in another thread about my frustration with Fuji cameras, hoping they will be soon addressed. 

Meanwhile, I am here sitted desiring having some time for going out and taking some good picture....

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Hi I'm Antony and I'm a professional photographer from Australia. I've shot the Fuji system for the past 12 months after switching from Canon 1Dx and 5D3 models.


I love the lighter weight of the Fuji system, and so does my back! I still use the Canon 5D3 with the F/2.8 zooms for my commercial work, but for weddings the X-T1 has been a revelation.


I've an extensive Fuji system, two X-T1s, 10-24, 23, 35, 56, 50-140, Rokinon 12, Kipon tilt adapter with several Nikon primes, X100T, X30, Instax Mini 90, Instax Wide 500AF, 2 x Instax Wide 210 (for wedding photo booths) and various other accessories.



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Calling in from the south west of England.
I like to keep my actual name and business/career details obscure so when potential clients are putting my name in Google, they're not getting a flood of random tech-nerd forum posts.  ;) (It's not actually hard to find out my actual name, but I prefer not to link personal and business anyway.)

I suppose you would call what I shoot portraiture, both casual on-location and formal in-studio, and the occasional event (not weddings! Ever!). Most of my day-to-day income comes from boring product shooting, though. I try to dabble in wildlife photography, too, but I'm very much a beginner in that area. Same goes for music photography. There's not much I won't point a lens at!

I am hugely technology-minded and I spend too much time hanging around with shop managers, magazine writers and manufacturer representatives, so my comments are usually either musings on the state of the industry or geeky maths.

I first used large format when I was 7—my father also did a lot of product work back in the day—and finally went fully digital in 2007... then back to film in 2013. I rarely own a piece of equipment for more than two years, as I constantly trade-in for whatever the latest exciting gadget is. Though I've been using cameras for quite a while, I'm only 27, so I don't believe I know everything but I like to think I've got a better-than-average grasp on what's what.
I've sold all my Canon and Mamiya gear to switch to Fuji, after picking up an X100S at the start of last year. I've had several issues with my spine and knees, so I was more or less forced to downsize my gear, and it just-so-happened that Fuji started to really take off at the same time, so the switch was a natural one.

Right now I'm using the X-T1, 14mm, 35mm and 56mm, with the X100S as a sort-of second body. I've got an X-T10 pre-ordered to be a proper second body. I had the 18-55mm and 60mm lenses, too, but have sold those as f/4 is just too slow for me most of the time and the 60mm was often too sharp. Borrowed/rented every other Fuji lens, so I feel comfortable with the whole range. My 14mm will probably be replaced by the 16mm soon and the X100S will be sold to make the 50-140mm a permanent fixture in my bag, rather than an occasional rental. I regularly harass Fuji PR to make a 70mm lens.
Other gear is a Billingham Hadley Large bag, Black Rapid straps, the lovely Cactus flash and trigger system for when I am allowed extra light on location—most events I go to don't allow flash—and more reflector boards, diffusion panels and lens filters than I can keep track of.
(I have also kept a Canon 7D and 400mm f/5.6L lens for wildlife, but ssh, don't tell anyone!)

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Hi FUJI shooters!


I'm Toon hailing from Bangkok, Thailand. I switched from an avid/loyal Canon fanboy to a realistic FUJI user. Everything about the Fuji system was just right for me, and I've never looked back. Sadly, there's not a lot of active Fuji users in my city. But that's ok, cause we're all here under one umbrella.


I'm currently using the X-T1 black addition along with the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, and 18-55mm. More lenses to come in the future!


Nice to meet you all and looking forward to seeing and reading all your valuable experiences, photos, and insights. Cheers!

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Hi all!


I'm Tom, hobby photographer, based in Belgium.


I started with an interest in photography as a child, but never did much about it until I was 25 and going to Thailand for the first time. I decided I wanted to have decent pictures for a change, and so I got my first DSLR, the inevitable Canon 500D. I shot mostly travel over the next few years, since the big DSLR kit rarely left home for smaller events. I loaded up on gear, thanks to the inevitable GAS every beginner faces.


Last few years, I suffered with knee and ankle injuries, so I felt I needed to lighten my kit, should I have any interest in shooting anything more than a few special days each year... And so I sold all my Canon gear and went looking into mirrorless, and after a long debate on Fujifilm, I decided I preferred the Olympus E-M1... Build quality wise, that felt like a step up, lenses are small and it seemed like all I'd ever need... And boy, was I ever surprised. The smaller camera really rekindled my love for photography, and I started taking it everywhere... So much did I like it, that I learned to light using speedlights and started to develop an interest in portraiture, something I never dabbled in before...


Fast forward one year later, and I've now settled on a kit containing a Fujifilm X100T and X-T1, 16 1.4, 56 1.2 APD and the 50-140. The Olympus is still the better travel camera I feel, but for portrait work, the Fuji's reign supreme... Most of the time, I just take the X100T and the X-T1 with the 56mm. That to me is a perfect travel kit.

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Hi All,


I'm an ex-Brit who somehow landed in the Bahamas 17 years ago.


First picked up a camera in 2007, and rapidly found myself being booked as a wedding and portrait photographer. No formal training, and living on a 22 mile x 7 mile rock means there's no groups, stores or learning resources here other than the internet, so I, and my work, am a product of experimentation.


April 2014 I ditched my two Canon 5D Mk IIIs and made the move to a pair of X-T1s. Haven't looked back.


Still shooting weddings and portraits/families, but also a fair amount of studio based product photography, a little bit of boudoir and, when I have to or the money's right, a little bit of real estate/architectural, though I find little joy in shooting anything without people in it.


Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!

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Hi all,


Today I walked into my local camera store and part exchanged my nikon gear (d7100, 35mm and 18-105 zoom) for a fuji xt1, 35mm and used 50-230. I've spent ages deliberating the switch, following fuji rumours and comparing lens systems. After a holiday away dragging my dslr plus paraphernalia for three kids I decided enough was enough. More often then not I've been leaving it behind due to its size and weight.


Tomorrow I'm off to a friends wedding and I will just take the 35mm with me. I wouldn't even consider doing this with my dslr, partly because maybe I'm a tad vein and it would ruin the look of my nice outfit....the fuji is a different story though.


I'm an amateur who fell back in love with photography after forcing myself to take on a 365 project. Kids travel and landscapes are my main subjects.


Looking forward to meeting other users and picking up advice on here. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.

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Hello! Fuji noob here. My name is Garrett and Im addicted to buying cameras. I mostly an invested in Pentax with a K5 and K3, Mx-1, K100d , Q with also a Sony Rx100 and currently in the market for the new Fuji XT10. I just found this website and snooped around for a bit and like it here. I Don't talk much (posts) and am mostly a listener (reader). I Know absolutely NOTHING about Fuji so I'm here to learn. I will also be selling (most likely) my K5 and some lenses to fund the XT10.

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Hi there,


Brand newbie on the forum, my name is Antoine. Originally from France but based in Toronto since 2007 (so please excuse my French accent in advance, haha).

What else... I've been shooting since a few decades. I started with black and white film photography (ex-Minolta) and I had my first Fuji in 2012: X-Pro1 with a few lenses. Just LOVE it (can't wait for the X-Pro2 now). My work is mostly focused on street and travel photography.


Looking forward to meeting you in the forum!




Antoine ;)

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Hi All...,


I'm Ruangrit (RR), I live in Bangkok Thailand. I'm an amateur photography...I shoot mostly landscape, nature and family portrait. Just switched from the full-frame DSLR gears to Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite...and still trying to get familiarized with the new fuji set with 18-55, 55-200 and 60/2.4 Macro lenses. 


Looking forward to meeting you all in the Fuji X Forum.




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My name is Christoph; i live in Basel, Switzerland. I've studied Biology but work as software engineer since many years.


I had to learn the theory of fotografy and analog (b&w) processing in school a few decades ago; however, my "passion" for fotografy started not before the arrival of the Fuji X100. 

I loved and still like very much the simplicity of the X100 with its fixed prime. Anyway i prefer primes, have some fujinons and few legacy lenses (some of them i started to use for film, too, recently).


... measured in time i'm a complete newb and for sure a "dumb" amateur fotografer. 

In vacation i like to fotograf landscapes. Besides that i always observe my environment and sometimes i find an interesting, strange or funny situation, which i try to frame, be it with people, animals, flowers, things, or just the atmosphere  ...


Now and then i dare to criticise pictures in forums; i guess this should be ok since we are on a public platform. If you dislike my comments of your pics let me know. Personally i very much appreciate feedback for my pictures - be it negative or positive.




watching myself by watcher24@flickr




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Hi all,

Previously I was a DSLR camera users. Currently I'm trying mirrorless camera. After reading a lot of reviews and asked to several people, finally I chose the Fuji X-M1 as my first camera.

With limited publications on Fuji camera, glad to find this special forum. Hope can learn a lot of things here.


Greetings from Indonesia.



Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!

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I am Jerry from Amsterdam, New York. It is an old mill town in upstate New York on the Mohawk River. I've been a photographer for over 40 years, starting out in 1969 with a Kodak instamatic 124 camera, moved on to a Pentax Spotmatic F in 1975, then the world of autofocus cameras with the Minolta Maxxum system in 1985. My first digital camera was the FujiFilm MX-2900 in 1999 followed by an Olympus E-10 in 2001. Then I moved on the Canon EOS 1Ds in 2003, buying into the pro line of lenses and accessories. I added a Canon EOS 7D in 2009. 


This year I decided to sell all of the heavy SLR gear and move to mirrorless. I currently own a Canon EOS-M3 with four EOS-M lenses. While it is a great little camera, it is a little too small.  I think Canon has lost touch with consumers and are only concerned with profitability. They refused to market their mirrorless line in the US ( I bought my EOS M3 direct from Japan on eBay). I recently bought the FujiFilm X-T1 with XF 18-135mm R OIS WR lens and tomorrow will receive the XF 11-24 R OIS lens.


I really love the FujiFilm X-T1, the manual controls are well thought out and intuitive. I like how FujiFilm as a company listens to the consumers and adjusts their firmware accordingly. The X-T1 produces beautiful images with excellent color reproduction straight out of the camera. I am finding less need to shoot RAW.



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Hi All


I'm Martin and like many others I'm switching from my Canon DSLR outfit to Fuji. I follow Damien Lovegrove on twitter, and 2 months ago happened to see some of his work, using and X-T1 and the 56mm f1.2 and I was so blown away with the images I immediately ordered on an X-T1 and 18-55mm online! Then something strange happened. I became excited about taking photos, a feeling I'd not had for 25 year (using a Bronica RF, my all time favourite film camera).

Last week, I was the main photography for a community event with over 3000 people. I used the X-T1 and 18-55 & 56 f1.2 only. Got some fantastic shots and have had great feedback from the organisers. I'm looking forward to covering some weddings with it later this year.

I suppose my next step is to shoot jpeg only. Scary, but the jpegs out the camera are excellent!


Just need to decide what lens is next....





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My name is Brian and I'm a Fujihollic.  (Hello, Brian).  One day I found all of my great Nikon gear was doing nothing but gathering dust.  Why, I thought?  I took my Think Tank Shapeshifter and weighed it - 44 lbs without the tripod.  I looked in the mirror and said, "I'm too old for this s__t.  I traded it all in, the D700, the holy trinity of zoom lens, my 85mm portrait, my nifty fifty, and all the filters etc.  I bought a x t1 with a 18 to 55 kit lens and a 56mm.  I already had an x100s.  All of it into a new Billingham Hadley Pro.  Perfect.


I shoot flowers and landscapes for print most the time so i rarely share, no insult intended.  I lurked for a few weeks then joined.  Thank you all for what I've learned already and expect to learn in the future.

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hi ya to all

my name is Giovanni , born in Italy . live in Canada now


I've been an armature photographer since I was 6 in Italy .

With my grandfathers Agfa  isolette 120 German camera.

He was in the war in Ethiopia ,probably stole the camera from a German soldier.

I came here by ship ,took fourteen days lol. we didn't strike any icebergs.

I remember seeing them in the night as the ship made me sick for 14 days lol.


When I lost my Agfa I got  cheap 35 pratika.

then became a Nikon fan boy Nikon FM / FE/ F4 / F5 ETC


and as of this winter i sold all my Nikon lead bricks of hardware and all those tanks Nikon of lenses.

Still miss them lol.


And when i saw the Fuji X-T1 for the first time.

I had such strong memories of my granddad.

and all the time he spent teaching me about all the nice dials on the Agfa .

I found back what I had lost.

I rediscovered photography.

the childhood memories of the pleasure we had with the magic of capturing the world and freezing time.

to show our friends what we captured, and recreating new memories with our cameras .


I am 6 again with my Fuji X-t1.

I am having the time of my life again

thanks to the dreamers in Fuji.


don't have Fuji shots , im still in my office, so i added one i did while back.


Great to Join The Fuij Gang here.








Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!

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Hi!  My name is Jim and I'm another newbie on this forum, but I have been a Fuji enthusiast for several years now.  I have X-T1, X-E2, and X-A1 bodies along with a large collection of Fuji X lenses to use on them, as well as an X30 for light travel. In fact, "light" is really the reason I have gravitated to Fuji, after many years of using heavier SLR and DSLR cameras. What great gear Fuji makes, and how capable it is of delivering great photo captures!


I also have and use Leica and Pentax gear, but the XT-1 with the XF 18-135 is my main shooter at present. Over the past 15 years I've been building a large collection of cameras and lenses covering the period from about 1930 to the present. The collection is listed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yrcuf4futquwxir/AAB5BDVKAJZReIu4lCnECdbma?dl=0


It's an expensive hobby but I have really enjoyed building my collection.  The cameras and lenses make a wonderful display in our home and are always a good discussion topic when we have visitors.

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I'm Gualtiero from Italy a Fuji X user since 2012. I began my X-life with a X100 and then an X-E1, now I shoot with an X-T1.

I left behind my beloved 5D MKII and two 2.8 zoom lenses due too much weight... after I cheated with an X100 for a while ;)

So I bought an X-E1 with the fantastic kit lens, the 35mm and a Macbook Pro retina. It was a bargain :)


Now I'm wandering around with a ONA Bowery bag and three lenses plus a body.... and my shoulder really appreciates that.





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I'm Fred from the Netherlands. I bought a XT-1 a little while ago. My other camera was to heavy, so I left it at home and made all my photos with a compact camera.


I hope that the XT-1 brings back the pleasure of real photography.


Will be back soon.





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Hello.  My name is Paul.


I was a news photographer from 15 July 1975 onwards, working in various places until 1997, when I abandoned the trade and stopped taking photographs.


In 2011 I picked up a camera again, after a break of 14 years.  It was a sweet and sour experience, with many ghosts.


I mainly use an X100s, and I shoot in JPEG B/W. 


By choice, and not because I think it's right or wrong, I do not crop, straighten or use Photoshop.  I do use Silver Efex Pro 2 to adjust contrast, where necessary. 


I have been given a permanent mono-author exhibition of my street photography in the centre of Milan, Italy, just a few paces from the Duomo, which has now seen in excess of 700,000 people pass through it in its first year.  EXPO 2015 has probably helped a little.  It's worth a visit.


I have managed to produce around 200 usable street images annually since I returned to photography in 2011, and my work has been exhibited many times in Italy in recent years.


I'm not sure how long I will continue taking photographs, as I really only returned out of curiosity, to understand what "digital" was like.  Curiosity can be dangerous ;)


On 15 July this year, 2015, I will celebrate 40 years since I entered the trade.  It seems such a long time ago, and technology has changed so much.  I wish I'd had the low-light capabilities of modern digital back in the 70s, 80s and 90s.  :)

If you are interested, you can read a bit more on the various pages of the website below:



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My name is Alan...i'm live in the Bay Are (San Francisco) with my wife and son...i'm an amateur photographer and currently have an XE-2 and a few lenses. I sometimes shoot weddings, other events and portraits with my Nikon gear but what i enjoy the most is taking pictures of my family or doing photowalks with my Fuji gear. I'm hoping Fuji will continue to improve their AF performance and flash system so that I can do a complete transition.  


If you are or will be in the San Francisco area and would like to meet up for some photowalks or just to hang out with other photographers,  please feels free to contact me. I'm still learning after all these years and will continue to do so in the future.


Thank you.



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Hello to you from all over the world!

X100 – the beginning of FUJI X FUN! Never ever SLR!

Fujifilm surprising us with seducing new X-products since May 2011, we now use X20 and X100S as well as X-T1 with 18-55mm and 27mm... reaching out for X-T10 with... This should be the end... :rolleyes:. Fuji fun will never end! :wub:  Stunning IQ, bright colours, light weight high-quality gear and large scale customer info service increase photographic fun every day!

Greetings from NRW Germany

Gert and Rieke.

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Hi to everyone, my name is Kev, I have been taking photographs for 35 year, my first camera was a Exa 500, but now I have a Fuji x-e1 and just bought a x-t1, both great cameras , but what is best is that you take photos! I have been a camera geek , with Nikon and canon systems...but now I think I have found the best system with suberb quality and ease of use and best of all fun to use!

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    • @HC-110 Yes, disappointing, right. I've sort of given up - I'll never buy Fuji again. I tried interjecting on their social media ads, living comments imploring them to fix what they deliberately changed/broke. But not a word in response.  Something changed at Fuji and it does not benefit the user. -on to other worries.   John
    • Take the Fuji and save some budget. But keep in mind the Fuji has an APC-C sensor, so the effective focal length you get is about 42mm.
    • How do I lock X-E1 exposure in video mode? It's stuck on auto, and the only thing it can be adjusting is ISO, as the shutter is locked at 24fps, and I'm using a vintage Nikon lens - so manual f-stop. I know its not designed to shoot video, but I find it hard to believe a camera of this quality that offers video at full HD 24fps, would not allow an exposure lock function. Without exposure control, the video mode is useless. 
    • I want to share some thoughts with you in order to help me choose the right camera.  I sold almost my photographic equipment and I kept only 2 cameras.  Ricoh GRII and Fujifilm XT5 and some lenses ( 10-24/4 & 35/2 & 56/1,2 & 16-80/4)  My project for the next years is to visit cities and countries around the world and taking street photography and some landscape photography and publish some books with these photos.  Street photography is 80% of my photos now. The rest is landscape photography. Here some key points I want to take only one camera and one lens. No big cameras, no lenses, no bags anymore. I like to be more minimalist in my philosophy to take photos and in my life generally.  I shot 95% Jpeg not RAW. I know the benefits of RAW in editing, dynamic range etc but all cameras has anymore very good jpeg. And it’s ok for me. If a camera has RAW and JPEG I choose this option and keep RAW for the future when I print the books. Then I will edit my final photos for the printing. I I like 28mm not 35mm I sold my Canon and Fujis and I have 8.000$ in stock. For my new camera and for my first trips.  I read many reviews and I decided to buy one of these 2 cameras for my basic camera.  Leica Q3  Or  Fuji X100 VI with 28mm lens  Would you like please to send me your opinion about this dilemma? Which you would prefer Leica Q3 or Fuji X100VI and why?  Thank you  Greg Plat. 
    • I currently have my GFX100s camera in to the Fuji repair shop in Canada but I hear they redirect everything to a central North American one in the US.  (Which might explain part of why there is a delay in getting a diagnostic.). The answer so far is that they want to charge me $400 to do a "more advanced" pixel mapping than is available on the firmware mapping.  If that doesn't work then they recommend a sensor replacement but have not quoted that price yet. I have liked everything about the GFX100s (almost everything) until this started getting worse.  I usually only see it in portrait work when I'm working in more moody, low key setting - which unfortunately is a style I like to work on.  I can see the problem going back to six months after I bought the camera but it was not as strong and I treated it as typical bad pixel mapping.  Except that was only a temporary fix. I'm also reluctant to replace the sensor since the last one barely made it a year.
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