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Hello everyone!

New Fujifilm shooter here. Moving into the Fuji ecosystem from Nikon FF DSLR's. I have been having a great time learning the ins and outs of my new X-T4. The images from this little camera are just super pleasing to work with. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with the new to me community.

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Shalom Aleichem Fuji-X-Forum people!  my name is Danny, I live in South Florida I'm a stay at home and homeschooling dad. I'm into snapping photos because of my 4 beautiful kids (8,7,5 and almost 2)

Hi there, Didiergm here, from France, a non-gifted amateur who insists on taking images in the hope that sometimes a couple of them will be pleasant enough to be printed, framed and put up on the wall

It would be nice to know a little bit more about other members so perhaps those who are willing could post here.   I'll start. I'm olli, orginally from Northern Ireland, now a serial expat, currentl

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Hello All!

Started with a Canon F-1 in high school back in the 70's.  Put myself through college taking photos and set it down 20 years ago busy with kids.  

Moved to a great landscape area Napa and it's mustard season with bright yellow between the rows of vines.  Picked up an XT-30 and am loving it!  Way more complicated than film but so much more flexible.  picked up a 18-50, 50-200, 12 and a 300 manual on the way.  Thank you in advance for your help and friendship.


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Hi there, just joined, seasoned photographer, just got myself a Fuji X-T3 with the Fringer NF to FX AF adapter, I wanted this combination to use the Sigma 150-600 for birding.

I like to adapt lenses to different bodies, this is all part of the fun. I have used many systems but settled with Leica. I had the X-T1 when it came out and also the X100 and X100F models.

Let's see how the X-T3 can handle the wilderness, I pick the lens up tomorrow in Nikon mount so we shall see how everything works together.

I look forward to mixing with the various photographers here and will enjoy sharing photos and wit.

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Rob here, I am a long time Canon user and have recently switched to Fujifilm X series. It's only been a few weeks and I am still getting to know my knew XT-4. I was nervous about going from full frame to APS-C after reading all the minuses of that sensor size. I rented a XPro3 last year and shot a christening with it. Loved the images and ever since I have been toying with the idea of switching my Canon DSLR to a Fuji X camera. Well, I took the plunge and dumped my entire Canon DSLR set up with lenses and switched. I am a landscape photographer and the weight of my old outfit was just too much. I read all I could about the X series and looked at as many photo examples as I could. I also emailed a landscape photographer that I know and respect who uses the X system and peppered him with tons of questions. So far, I have had mixed results with my knew set up. Seems to be wonderful with daylight images.. great color and there seems to be a lot of detail etc. I just shot a bunch of longer exposures during a rain storm and seems to have a ton of noise in the images. I used no filter, ND8 and ND1000 filters with a polarizer, a setup I had used many times before. The results are disappointing and not sure what I did wrong or if this is a limitation to this system. Any insight as to this issue or error on my behalf would be greatly appreciated. I am in this for the long hall and want to make it work for me. I have included a small .jpg for example so you can see what I see. Please excuse the rain spots on my lens as it was raining and windy out... This image is straight form the camera.




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Hi, I'm David and I'm based in South Wales.  I started out as a photographer back in the 80s, ran a photography gallery for many years, then ended up working in digital and internet art for a long while.  I came back to photography about 15 years ago using digital Nikons (my first camera way back was an Olympus OM 1 but I then switched to Nikons alongside medium format cameras back in the days of film).  However, I recently switched to Fuji x after borrowing a friend's camera and being really impressed with both the usability and, more importantly, the images - they just looked so good.  No going back now!   I shoot mainly portrait, art projects and occasionally landscape.  You can see some of my work on my website http://www.xox.org.uk 

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Hello, I'm Richard from Florida and a long time Pentax user since the 1970's, I purchased my first Fuji (X-S10) about a month or so ago with the 18-55mm kit lens and am loving it. My next purchase will be the 70-300mm lens which I'll be ordering this week.
It's great to be part of a thriving community of Fuji users. 
I'm a casual shooter these days but you can check out some of my images taken over the past few years on Instagram..

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Hello, I'm a casual photographer that has occasionally used my old Nikon D3200 for times when I needed to make my own photos for graphic design (I work for a printing company.)  So I'm not completely new to the photography field, but also taking a lot of time to get caught up on current ecosystems and the main photography brands out there (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, etc.)

Anyway, I'm looking to update my system and I naturally looked at Nikon first but none of their current offerings beckon to me quite like Fujifilm does.  Aside from the lack of full-frame models, I like Fuji's retro feel and its dedication to the APS-C sensor (which my old Nikon also uses).  They also feel more "worth the money" unlike Nikon and Canon's mirrorless offerings which certainly aren't bad, but are also very, very expensive (namely Canon).  I don't like how Fujifilm has held on to it's X mount to choke out third-party options like Sigma, Tamron, etc. but that will (hopefully) change in 2021 according to many "confirmed" rumors.  That being said, Fuji has a lot of adapter support so after careful research I've narrowed down my Fuji option to the X-S10 and would love to hear all your options on it.  I'm looking at a mix of photography and video use where for professional work I need it to work well for photos of any number of things put into a design for a magazine, brochure, post card, etc.  Personally I love wildlife and nature photography and I want to get into video work too, maybe even youtube stuff.

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    • Salve, qualcuna sa quanti minuti / ore di filmato in full hd si riesce a fare su una scheda da 64 gb? Grazie
    • I’m thinking in the other direction. Considering trading my 18-55 and 85mm f1.8 (Viltrox) for the 16-80. I have a 23 1.4 and a manual 50 1.4, so I think the extra zoom range is better to have than the longer fast prime. Also, I like the 16mm length and don’t have that now....
    • +1  Plug in overnight and you are good to go next day.  You can also buy a second battery and external charger and swap out the batteries when one gets low.  This works well for me when traveling or forgot to recharge.
    • Yes, agreed. All of my computers are made in China and many other electronic devices are also made in China. Japanese cars, for example, are no longer guarantee of quality and reliability. Someone I know bought a Honda Odyssey and ended up with a broken transmission and costed him $5000 to fix. Personally, I had to dump my Toyota after only a little over 30,000 miles in less than 4 years due to brake problems and other electronic problems. I paid premium price for my Toyota thinking I bought quality. But quality was not there.
    • Have you tried an other SD card?
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