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Hello everyone!

New Fujifilm shooter here. Moving into the Fuji ecosystem from Nikon FF DSLR's. I have been having a great time learning the ins and outs of my new X-T4. The images from this little camera are just super pleasing to work with. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with the new to me community.

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Hello All!

Started with a Canon F-1 in high school back in the 70's.  Put myself through college taking photos and set it down 20 years ago busy with kids.  

Moved to a great landscape area Napa and it's mustard season with bright yellow between the rows of vines.  Picked up an XT-30 and am loving it!  Way more complicated than film but so much more flexible.  picked up a 18-50, 50-200, 12 and a 300 manual on the way.  Thank you in advance for your help and friendship.


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Hi there, just joined, seasoned photographer, just got myself a Fuji X-T3 with the Fringer NF to FX AF adapter, I wanted this combination to use the Sigma 150-600 for birding.

I like to adapt lenses to different bodies, this is all part of the fun. I have used many systems but settled with Leica. I had the X-T1 when it came out and also the X100 and X100F models.

Let's see how the X-T3 can handle the wilderness, I pick the lens up tomorrow in Nikon mount so we shall see how everything works together.

I look forward to mixing with the various photographers here and will enjoy sharing photos and wit.

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Rob here, I am a long time Canon user and have recently switched to Fujifilm X series. It's only been a few weeks and I am still getting to know my knew XT-4. I was nervous about going from full frame to APS-C after reading all the minuses of that sensor size. I rented a XPro3 last year and shot a christening with it. Loved the images and ever since I have been toying with the idea of switching my Canon DSLR to a Fuji X camera. Well, I took the plunge and dumped my entire Canon DSLR set up with lenses and switched. I am a landscape photographer and the weight of my old outfit was just too much. I read all I could about the X series and looked at as many photo examples as I could. I also emailed a landscape photographer that I know and respect who uses the X system and peppered him with tons of questions. So far, I have had mixed results with my knew set up. Seems to be wonderful with daylight images.. great color and there seems to be a lot of detail etc. I just shot a bunch of longer exposures during a rain storm and seems to have a ton of noise in the images. I used no filter, ND8 and ND1000 filters with a polarizer, a setup I had used many times before. The results are disappointing and not sure what I did wrong or if this is a limitation to this system. Any insight as to this issue or error on my behalf would be greatly appreciated. I am in this for the long hall and want to make it work for me. I have included a small .jpg for example so you can see what I see. Please excuse the rain spots on my lens as it was raining and windy out... This image is straight form the camera.




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Hi, I'm David and I'm based in South Wales.  I started out as a photographer back in the 80s, ran a photography gallery for many years, then ended up working in digital and internet art for a long while.  I came back to photography about 15 years ago using digital Nikons (my first camera way back was an Olympus OM 1 but I then switched to Nikons alongside medium format cameras back in the days of film).  However, I recently switched to Fuji x after borrowing a friend's camera and being really impressed with both the usability and, more importantly, the images - they just looked so good.  No going back now!   I shoot mainly portrait, art projects and occasionally landscape.  You can see some of my work on my website http://www.xox.org.uk 

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Hello, I'm Richard from Florida and a long time Pentax user since the 1970's, I purchased my first Fuji (X-S10) about a month or so ago with the 18-55mm kit lens and am loving it. My next purchase will be the 70-300mm lens which I'll be ordering this week.
It's great to be part of a thriving community of Fuji users. 
I'm a casual shooter these days but you can check out some of my images taken over the past few years on Instagram..

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Hello, I'm a casual photographer that has occasionally used my old Nikon D3200 for times when I needed to make my own photos for graphic design (I work for a printing company.)  So I'm not completely new to the photography field, but also taking a lot of time to get caught up on current ecosystems and the main photography brands out there (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, etc.)

Anyway, I'm looking to update my system and I naturally looked at Nikon first but none of their current offerings beckon to me quite like Fujifilm does.  Aside from the lack of full-frame models, I like Fuji's retro feel and its dedication to the APS-C sensor (which my old Nikon also uses).  They also feel more "worth the money" unlike Nikon and Canon's mirrorless offerings which certainly aren't bad, but are also very, very expensive (namely Canon).  I don't like how Fujifilm has held on to it's X mount to choke out third-party options like Sigma, Tamron, etc. but that will (hopefully) change in 2021 according to many "confirmed" rumors.  That being said, Fuji has a lot of adapter support so after careful research I've narrowed down my Fuji option to the X-S10 and would love to hear all your options on it.  I'm looking at a mix of photography and video use where for professional work I need it to work well for photos of any number of things put into a design for a magazine, brochure, post card, etc.  Personally I love wildlife and nature photography and I want to get into video work too, maybe even youtube stuff.

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Hi everyone,

Thought I was part of the board, but apparently the Fuji Rumors comments are not the same!

I'm Chris - I've been shooting Fuji since I picked up the X-T2 in January 2017. Instantly fell in love with the entire experience. Prior to that I had learnt on a Sony's NEX-5 and later a Nikon d5300.

I've owned various additional Fujifilm cams since; an X100F that I *really* fell in love with, but one of the dials broke, the X100V which I sold recently to make space/money and the X-T4, that I still have. I do still have my trusty T2, though now my wife is lucky enough to call her own.

I had a weird crisis of faith over the Xmas break when all the full frame Canon, Sony sales/influencer hype got to me, and I sold most of my lenses to make room for a new system (the goal being to keep my X100V, as I would miss the Fuji system too much).

Then I got to the moment where I had the R5 in my basket, realised part of what I love about Fuji is how compact the system is, and that the R5 is a behemoth, and even though the Sony bodies are small, the Sony lenses are big - so, I backed out and bought the X-T4, and a Ricoh GRIII as my camera that I have on me every minute of every day. Still cost me less than an R5 would have!

I largely just shoot for pleasure, have sold a few prints on request, and have worked a couple of professional gigs - including the weirdest, which was a piano school recital that turned out had loads of Hollywood kids; so shots of all the parents included Tobey Maguire, Adam Sandler, Jack Osborne (with his famous parents). But most of my work is just finding pleasure in the process:

I have a website at chrisgower.com and my instagram is Chris Gower (@christopher.gower) • Instagram photos and videos

Oh, and I also have a little PEN FT half frame film camera that I shoot with! 

Good to meet you all!

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added info about film cam
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Hi All, my name is Jok from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I'm 60s, when I was younger I used to love photography, but I quit before I could do anything with my cameras.

Recently, I bought an XT4 and I really enjoy the camera very much.

Thanks to accept me in this forum, because then I can learn from you guys.

Cheers, Jok

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I've come to a time in my life when I'm returning to old haunts, in this case photography. I was a previously a member here under another e-mail address, which is long gone, so I've registered again and will start anew.

My photographic journey started while I was in college at the University of New Orleans in the late '70's. Don't know what drew me in, but I suspect there was a photo exhibit at school that I found extremely thought provoking. B & W imagery has always had that effect on me, almost hypnotic, particularly good B & W imagery.

So the trip began with a used Minolta SRT102 with a 50mm f1.8 that I bought through the classified ad's in a local newspaper. Remember those? 😮

The Minolta whetted the appetite, but when the Olympus OM-1n's were introduced, I grabbed a new one with a 50mm f1.8 lens at Barker's, a local department store, that had an excellent camera department. The Olympus served me well for many years, into marriage and graduate school and finally parenthood.

By that stage, life had taken over and finding the time to shoot a roll or two of Tri-X, develop the film, set up the darkroom, expose prints, etc. became exceedingly difficult.

About 20 years ago, my Father-in-Law bought us a Kodak DC280 digital point and shoot. A fairly low spec camera, it was used primarily to document family events and gatherings. In the ensuing years, the DC280 was superseded by an Olympus E-10 (back to my Olympus roots) and after struggling with the capabilities of that camera for far longer than I should have, a Nikon D70 arrived on the scene.

The D70 was nirvana. The controls and menus, being relatively simplistic in those days, were easy to grasp. In the ensuing years, I became a great deal more technically proficient, dealing with Raw imagery, metadata and effective image warehousing. Many, many excellent images were captured with that camera, and it's last hurrah was documenting the devastation of my hometown, New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina. The D70 went everywhere with me, grabbing images of the absolute devastation throughout the metropolitan area, including my home.

At nearly the end of our journey in reconstructing the house, Nikon introduced the D200 and 18mm-200mm zoom. I was in a local camera shop and was just going to get the lens, but was smitten with the D200 and it came home in the bag with the zoom. The D70 was given to my daughter, who still has it, for a trip to Europe she was on the verge of embarking on.

The D200 went with me everywhere. I realized early on it had a tendency to eat batteries, so I bought a battery grip for it, which allowed a full day's shooting, but the proportions of the package were getting big, both size and weight wise.

As the years went by, it saw less and less use simply due to the size and weight, and the years 2010 through 2012 were fairly lean photo wise. When Fuji announced the X100, I was in the UK and I went and handled one in Heathrow airport of all places, but it was neither the time nor the place for that jump. Some time later, pre-sales of the X100s were announced and my name was on the list. Unfortunately it showed up about 2 weeks before I was to make an extended trip overseas for work and I decided to leave it home.... 😭

Upon my return, I embraced the Fuji, but to be kind, it did not embrace me back. Usage was fundamentally different than what I was used to, and if it hadn't been after the return period, I probably would have sent it back. But I had it, so I persevered. I won't lie, it was several months of practice before the shots started to come together.

6 months or so later I was on another trip for work to the San Diego area, and was able to get out early one afternoon. I drove down to Point Lomo State Park as I had heard it was very scenic. When I arrived, it was mid-afternoon and the sun was directly overhead with nary a glimpse of a cloud to be seen. Not optimum photo lighting by any means. In any event, it's a large park, so I walked all around.

About the time I had descended from the top of the hills to the beach area, the weather had turned and a storm was coming in. It was dark and threatening and the light was spectacular. Being a bit trepidatious, I set the X100s to exposure bracketing and started shooting.

When I got home and loaded the shots in LightRoom I was transfixed by what emerged. It was simply amazing. Far and away the best shot I've ever captured.


At that point I knew that I could sell the D200 and accompanying kit.

The X100s has since traveled with me all over the world, Singapore, Sardinia, Scotland, London, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Ireland and the Czech Republic and has never let me down. I am a well and fully hooked Fujista! In the ensuing years an X-Pro2 and a X-T2 have joined the fray with 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 10-24 f4, 18-55 f2.8-4 and 55-200 f3.5-4.8 lenses.

Recently, I've become a convert to Capture One as LightRoom and I never really did mesh. Dunno why. I could get what I wanted out the imagery in LR, but it was tedious and time consuming. I'd rather be out shooting than post processing. I tried the Capture One Express Edition for Fuji and was, as they say, hooked. It was amazing how good the RAF's looked literally "out of the box" in C1. Minimal tweaking needed. I subsequently bought the Fuji edition of C1 and then upgraded to the full version. All in, as they say.

The downside of Capture One is cataloging. I'm a Windows user, and Cataloging on the Windows version of Capture One is fundamentally broken. I could deal with the philosophical differences in cataloging with LR if the functionality worked, but it doesn't. So I basically just do development in C1 via an extended session and still use LR for a DAM tool. Luckily v6.14 supports all my cameras at this juncture.

So there it is.







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Hello, everyone, my name is Kevin. I just picked up a new X-T4 with the 18-55 and got a few other goodies to go with it. I have a 23 and 35 F2 lenses coming in soon. My plan is to start doing bushcraft adventures and record and photograph my adventures. I have been into photography since I was little. I remember using the first paycheck from my first job to buy a used pentax which I still have. My first digital was an Olympus E-volt 510. Nice camera when it came out and it still takes nice pictures, but I need something more. Fuji seems to make the best hardware out there so since its been 15 years since I bought a camera its time for a switch. Looking forward to learning how to use a camera again (it has sadly been a while since I pulled one out) and learning to do video now as well as editing afterwards. Now to just get over the intimidation factor and get shooting right?

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So I'm new here.
My name is Marc, recently retired - IT specialist/Technician.
Old school photographer and Pentax user for over 40 years,
and recently switched to Fuji.
Main camera now is the Fuji X-H1, the rest of the camera gear consists of an original Fuji X100, X-T1, and I'm still looking for a good X-T2 as a backup.
Have many other cameras including an Olympus E M10 and also analog like the Olympus OM 2000 and Nikon F60.
I currently mainly use the analog to make film simulations for my website (PictureFX)
On my website I do reviews, and now also Fuji related things. But one of the main activities is to keep the "Largest Collection of..." lists, and here we are talking about Recipes, Luts in all sizes, Presets etc..
Feel free to visit my website at : https://marcrphoto.wordpress.com/, and if you happen to know of any other websites that have/make film simulations, feel free to forward them so I can add them.
I have a separate gallery for my pictures, you can come and have a look here: https://marcroovers.wordpress.com/

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Hi everyone,

Where to start…?

I’m from and still live in Texas. In 2008 I studied in London for a semester and took a canon power shot with me. It was fun being able to take photos with something other than a disposable camera. I thought it was so high tech and had a blast shooting everywhere I went. When I got back to the states I basically lost interest. I’d pull it out on occasion but it mainly set in its case.

A couple of months ago I found out I’d need a portfolio to get into grad school. The portfolio is for ceramics but it gave me an excellent excuse to get a “real” camera. Since I am on a time crunch I did a ton of research in about a week before deciding which camera I wanted. I was leaning towards a Sony but then came across a blog about someone switching from a Sony to a Fujifilm. I found their reasons for doing so compelling and ended up purchasing an x-t4 with the 16-80mm lens. 

Since I’m basically brand new to photography I am enrolled in a photography course at a local university. I have found the same “spark” for photography that I first had all those years ago in London. I don’t really know what I mainly want to shoot yet and am just kind of interested in trying everything at the moment in the hopes I’ll find what I love most. 

I’m so happy to be part of the Fujifilm family and can’t wait to learn more!

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Let me start of by saying I'm very new to digital photography and videography.

Back in August, 2020, I decided to start a YouTube channel to review bluetooth devices, and of course I needed a decent camera to work with. After a couple of weeks of research, I picked up the Fujifilm X-T200 -- by all accounts, the best entry-level camera at the time. Mind you, although I have some experience with SLRs and PAS cameras in the past, I haven't touched a real camera in over a decade (phones don't count). After a few days playing around with the X-T200, I was hooked! My videos were coming out great! And even though my phone could film in 4K, what I captured on my X-T200 was so much better!

Recently, I've wanted to explore street photography and macro photography. These new interests got me started looking at lenses and other accessories. And while I was at it, I decided to upgrade my camera as well -- I found the X-T200 to be very power-hungry, and tended to overheat rather quickly. So I went and picked up the X-S10 a couple of weeks ago, along with a couple of prime lenses. IBIS and much improved power consumption were the biggest selling points (and the approachable price, of course).

Unfortunately, that's the reason why I joined this forum -- to get some answers or at least some help with my X-S10. Thanks in advance!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everybody my name is Omar I recently got a Fujifilm X-S10 with a 16-80mm kit lens and a Viltrox 23mm lens. I'm really getting to know my camera more intimately little it's taking a little bit of time but I've only had it for 2 weeks. Initially started taking some pictures to kind of understand focal lengths, and how they differ from full frame to APC-S sensors, I did a lot of research into the camera lineup set, and search the as many of their lenses as I could and ultimately decided that I needed a fast prime lens to compliments my zoom lens, so I decided that the 23 mm is the best choice in the type of photography I want to get, which is groups of friends having fun together and enjoying their lives. It is not ultra wide but it is wide enough to get some my photography and a videography into my routine.

My journey into finding the perfect camera was a long and treacherous one I thought about a lot of cameras and really the difference between full frame and APS-C sensors. For a long time I've been eyeing the Sony a7s2 as it's night capabilities seems to be out of this world, but for something that is essentially a hobby it seems like a lot of money to throw into something that I might not fully commit to so I wanted something that was more reasonably priced but I had all the new features that a camera of this day and age should have. I didn't want something that was not very user friendly and was a few years old because I assumed that it might not be the best option, giving the fact that I'm just a amateur photographer and didn't have any real experience with composition, videography, editing or producing.

I wanted something that could get my feet wet and work for both videography and photography, something that I could blog with and that has the capabilities found in professional cameras, without completely breaking the bank. I understand that the most important part is the lens and that the camera is only an extension of that, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted something amazing something to grow with. Of the many cameras that I've researched I've narrowed it down to Sony Canon and Fujifilm.

THE one thing that really attracted me to the Fujifilm camera was the fact that I was looking for a camera that was unique, and somehow the look really got me curious into the system. No I'm not a nostalgic guy I've never owned a film lens or a old lens but I found it to be the retro look that seem like something that is novelty, something of a characteristic of the brand as they love to keep to their roots. It's it's this and the high praise of YouTubers that gave me a really high work to the camera and the brand. The history behind the film simulations was something which greatly picked my curiosity into the brand. I thought about a Sony and a Canon as a initial buy and a full frame cameras as well, however I wanted something that was a user friendly and compact with good auto settings. I got really familiar with the manual mode that is found in my phone. It was quite robust and it had a few modes of recording that was unique to the LG brand. I wanted something that gave me more control something of a real camera for a very long time, yeah I didn't want something that would tie me down just to manual mode I wanted something that had a good auto mode and that it was playful.

My goal is to make beautiful impactful images something that captures the moment in rich detail with good composition. I really love night photography of those with long exposures as well as street photography. Ultimately I do see the benefits of a full frame for night photography but more than just a sensor, I wanted something that I can grow with and really experience the joy of just shooting. It was quite difficult to choose the X-S10 over the XT4 or XT3. This camara didn't have the retro look that it first attracted me to the brand, it is not weather sealed, the battery life it's not something to write home about, but somehow the charm was still there. It met every criteria I was looking for and even some that I was not like the ergonomics, the fun shooting modes and the feature specs like flip out screen that really drove home the idea that I can get what is essentially their flagship model on a smaller size with practically most of the features of the XT4.

 No I am still learning and would really love your input and getting to know my cameras hidden tips and tricks, but that would be on a separate thread thank you for listening

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    • That is odd, there are very few other settings that limit using es. Having a flash unit attached is one, but I would have thought that would also keep you from using ms+es. Mines does this: Have you upgraded to the most recent firmware? This may sound drastic, have you copied you settings down somewhere and tried a full reset?
    • Thanks for the reply. I don't have that choice in my x-t30 menu  It's just MS or ES/MS with ES for fast exposures i.e. 1/4000s Louise
    • I agree with all that's been said above, hence my decision to buy XS10 rather than XT4. The reputation of Pentax was that if it got covered in mud you could wash it under a running tap. I never tried that but was happy to use it in briefly in heavy rain and desert sandstorms and never had a problem. I wouldn't be that confident in such circumstances without weather sealing and would use poly bag and chamois even in less extreme conditions. It's often the small doors covering SD slots, batteries etc that aren't sealed, and some times cable and microphone or remote shutter sockets have no cover at all. Sealing a pop-up flash isn't easy either. Worth protecting those points if you're out in weather you want to protect yourself from.  
    • https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en-int/manual/x-t30/menu_shooting/shooting_setting/index.html Scroll down to Shutter Type. It is in the shooting menus setup, you can choose between manual shutter, electronic shutter or both together.
    • Hi all I have been trying to use my x-t30 with the electronic shutter but not having much success  As it's a mirrorless camera I thought it would be straightforward! But there appears to be no way to manually select it (only combined ms/es). I've set it to auto with 1/125s exposure. I'm using a hand-held wired shutter release. I'm sure it was working before I updated the firmware to 1.40 a while back but I confess I haven't really used it since. Am I missing something or is there any way around this issue? At the same time, I can take short video clip and it's fine - surely I must be able to take a still? Thanks for any suggestions Louise
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