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Hi all,

My name is Bram and I'm from Belgium. I got my first Fuji camera yesterday! It's an X-E3 and I have a single lens: 27mm f2.8 pancake. I have some experience (Nikon D5600, Leica R4, old Minolta SLR and ancient Voigtlander). Reason why I came to Fuji is for the small, but great camera's with control comparable to the Leica R4, but digital, portable and with autofocus. I wanted a compact package, so hte X-E3 and pancake lens are a great fit! My plan is for the X-E3 to be a camera I take everywhere, all the time.

ANd I want to spend more time taking photo's and less time editing, so I'm trying t shoot JPEG as good as possible. A bit like film: Once a picture is taken, you couldn't change it either...

You'll mostly see picture of my family life, trips, etc. I'm not too serious about my photography, but I'm keen on improving, so all your critiques are welcome!

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Hello all.

My name is John M -mnhoj- and I live in Los Angeles.

I've recently came back to the Fuji system after brief visits to Sony, Olympus and Canon.

I picked up an X-H1 and am very happy with it and my growing collection of lenses.

10-24(arriving tomorrow), XF23 1.4, XF 35 f2(arriving Wednesday) and a Viltrox 56mm 1.4.

I also have a few legacy lenses Nikon 55mm 3.5 micro and a 100mm F2.8 series.

My passion is portraiture and I use Godox/Flashpoint gear for off camera lighting.

Thanks for having me.


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    • I fixed it with a piece of tape. I guess I ll have to talk to Fuji customer service and ask for a replacement.
    • Hey, I just made this account just to add that I also have the same problem with mine. I never saw a spring or something that sort fly off. In fact I don't even see where one could be located on this tiny latch. How can we repair this since it's irritating handling the grip this way. The sound alone this flappy little latch makes is so annoying.
    • Hello, I just upgraded from a X-T2 to a brandneue X-T4 and compared to my old camera the lens release button feels just a little bit stiff/not so easy to press when a lens is mounted. without a Lens mounted the button can be pressed seemlessly. May I ask if that‘s normal?   thank you!  Marco
    • My X-T3 works fine with that version - your image shows X-T30
    • But... You can't monitor audio and power the camera from the same usb port. I've tried several splitter options and none of them work; leaving me to monitor audio with their usb dongle and pull that if I have to power the camera with my monitor battery usb out. When shooting video a camera is fully caged, with matte box, rails and follow focus. You don't want to change a battery out. You pretty much have to tear down your rig to do that...  
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