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Shalom Aleichem Fuji-X-Forum people!  my name is Danny, I live in South Florida I'm a stay at home and homeschooling dad. I'm into snapping photos because of my 4 beautiful kids (8,7,5 and almost 2)

Hi there, Didiergm here, from France, a non-gifted amateur who insists on taking images in the hope that sometimes a couple of them will be pleasant enough to be printed, framed and put up on the wall

It would be nice to know a little bit more about other members so perhaps those who are willing could post here.   I'll start. I'm olli, orginally from Northern Ireland, now a serial expat, currentl

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Hi all,

My name is Bram and I'm from Belgium. I got my first Fuji camera yesterday! It's an X-E3 and I have a single lens: 27mm f2.8 pancake. I have some experience (Nikon D5600, Leica R4, old Minolta SLR and ancient Voigtlander). Reason why I came to Fuji is for the small, but great camera's with control comparable to the Leica R4, but digital, portable and with autofocus. I wanted a compact package, so hte X-E3 and pancake lens are a great fit! My plan is for the X-E3 to be a camera I take everywhere, all the time.

ANd I want to spend more time taking photo's and less time editing, so I'm trying t shoot JPEG as good as possible. A bit like film: Once a picture is taken, you couldn't change it either...

You'll mostly see picture of my family life, trips, etc. I'm not too serious about my photography, but I'm keen on improving, so all your critiques are welcome!

DSCF0023 (4).JPG

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Hello all.

My name is John M -mnhoj- and I live in Los Angeles.

I've recently come back to the Fuji system after brief visits to Sony, Olympus and Canon.

I picked up an X-H1 and am very happy with it and my growing collection of lenses.

10-24(arriving tomorrow), XF23 1.4, XF 35 f2(arriving Wednesday) and a Viltrox 56mm 1.4.

I also have a few legacy lenses Nikon 55mm 3.5 micro and a 100mm F2.8 series.

My passion is portraiture and I use Godox/Flashpoint gear for off camera lighting.

Thanks for having me.


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Hi all,

I'm Essere from Hong Kong, have been on and off fujifilm user for over 2 decades. I remember that my first DC was the square shape one by Fujifilm, can't recall the model...

Owned X10 before, but stopped shooting for a few years, recently pick it up again with 2nd hand equipment X-T10 and then X-T2, mainly using a manual 35mm f1.4 lense.

Being a project manager in IT sector, I'm just an amateur (even after 20+ years since my first SLR) enjoying photography as a form of arts, really enjoy the color of Fujifilm jpeg, yet I love taking b&w photo myself.

Hope to learn from fellows here and share the joy in photography. have fun!


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Hello All, glad to finally be here as I feel like I’m everywhere else.   Some may know me already from my work with Fujilove as well as Fuji X passion Magazine.  Can’t wait to share here as well.

I also have an Instagram account at www.Instagram.com/joedagostinophoto

My YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/JoeDAgostino1776

Or visit the blog/website at www.josephdagostinophotography.com 


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My name is Adam and I live in Toronto. I bought my first Fujifilm X-E1 + 18-55mm many years ago as a small camera for travel. I fell in love with Fujifilm and I now have a X-T20 with 27mm f2.8 pancake with me always and for serious fun I have a X-T4 with XF16mm f1.4, XF23 + XF35mm f2, XF56mm f1.2, XF10-24mm, XF16-55mm, and XF50-140mm, Samyang 12mm f2 . I also use a Fringer Pro adapter with Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8, which works pretty well. 

I shoot video for a profession but stills for a hobby. I really enjoy the Fujifilm cameras and lenses probably for the same reasons the other people on this forum do. They are so much fun to shoot with and the images are amazing. I look forward to learning new things on the forum and maybe show a few of my photos.


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Hi !

Michael, from Paris (France) and new to the fuji world  with xpro3. Key factor being : the optical viewfinder, not exactly a ground glass with reverse image but closer than EVF

Just switched from Olympus mFT (40 years olympus but prospect on new cameras is blurred)

Most of the time ,  large and medium format photographer (not really pocket size...) ; work in B&W , architecture and urban landscape

Stay safe all and let's take good picture

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Hi I'm Brian.

Brand New to Fuji as of Friday 27th after my insurance finally paid out.

Basically after slipping 10 feet down an embankment into a, small river, taking my Canon DSLR and my CanonPowerShot G7 X, 4 lenses, backpack and tripod with me.

I wanted a smaller camera, even before my swim, as I had the entrylevel 1300d which I'd outgrown after 3 years.

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The short story: Hi im Rick I was in a wreck and my head got banged around severely. My wife got a new car and I got a XT-4 to replace my Nikon D80. 

I took my first pictures from an old brown box my mom got me about 55 years ago. It was a Brownie she picked up at a second hand store. I saved and bought a roll of film. Man I wish I still had those first images. Ive spent years just playing around taking pictures but mainly collecting old photograph negatives and learning how to make the prints off the negs I had collected. Some of the negatives were bigger than 8" x 10". It was pretty cool seeing what would come. My wife and I have got into boating and float around in our vintage cabin cruiser at night looking for the perfect shots. I didnt have patience for for fishing during the day but I am driven to learn how to use a camera and capture the beauty of the lake at night.  Christmas card pictures are also a highlight in my amateur photography. Oh and I fell in love with the vintage look of the XT-4 at first glance plus a Doc told me it would be good to challenge my mind to help it recover. I am on a high learning curve with a low attention span!!!!! LOL

1kids at pumpxmas.jpg

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Martin from WV ..... went to Fuji because of compact size and aperture choice on lens. In old manual days I had Nikon (stolen), Canon (made when they made my mf lens obsolete), and Pentax along with Pentax and Mamiya 645s. I first went Pentax route in digital but now only Fuji ... love to shoot the rangefinder style cameras : X-e3, 100V with 14, 16, 23, 50 and 90. Gave my Pentax stuff to my niece.  


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I'm Karel Also know as Lazy Charles.  I live in Antwerp.

I'm photograhing for more than fifty years now but it was never my professional work.  I was using Canon gear and get an second hand XE1 in 2015, following I get rid of my Canon stuf end bought an XT2 with several lenses. In 2018 I get an XT3 extra en in septembre I get an X100V.  The XT series I use most fot making documentaire photographing for poor culture organisations as a volunteer.  The X100V is the camera I have most of the time with me.  The last year photografing was not a priority due the C19 and a broken shoulder.  Hope 2021 we can start better.

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    • The X-mount on most Fuji camera models is not particularly robust in my experience. Only the ones on the X-H1 and the GFX are better. Part of the issue is the quite shallow electronic contacts. Esp. with heavier lenses. The 50-140 on an X-Pro2 gave me constant issues until I got the X-H1 (according to Fuji 25% enforced mount) and never experienced problems with the same 50-140 again. Just a little bump may throw-off the contact between lens and camera, resulting in the "turn off-on" message or the infamous "f0" message. You also may want to check whether there is some lateral or rotational tolerance between the 10-24 and the X-T4. I had to swap two times a Fuji lens: one 16-55 with a misaligned mount and one 16/1.4 with too much tolerance when mounted. Something you wouldn't expect with a premium brand...
    • There are rumors about a new Fuji 18mm (=27mm FF equiv.). It is supposed to be f1.4 according these rumors, but I would love an update of the 18/f2. At f1.4 will be between the 23/f1.4 and 16/f1.4 in size and that's too big to my liking for my X-Pro2. Either way, I hope it will be significantly better than the 23/f2 or the 16/f2.8. More at the level of the 35/f2...
    • Hello everyone! I am looking for the best solution for my specific scenario/ needs. Currently I shoot with a Canon EOS M50 and have the FF-equivalent lenses for 18-35mm, 35mm, 50mm. Everything is fine and dandy with the kit, but I wish I could get just nice Jpegs out of this thing. Before I switched carreers I was a professional photographer, doing portraiture and documentary style weddings etc. Always been a FF Canon shooter. But, I was also an X-Pro1 early adopter! What pulled me in was the look and feeld of the camera (so nostalgic, "retro") but also the SOOC Jpegs. I wanted this camera to be the hassle free, pure photography camera to take everywhere and have a finished "product" after pressing th shutter button. Well, the camera was nice but lacking in many aspects, especially in speed and AF. I purchased the M50 with the 22mm F2 lens as a pocket snapshooter, added the 11-22 for wideangle work and sold my FF kit. Bought the 32mm F1.4 when it came out and like the kit a lot. It is small, lightweight and the picture quality and AF is absolutely enough for my use today. I'm a casual shooter, mainly photographing the family and outings with friends and whatever els snapshots I take. Now the thing is, the M50 takes just OK SOOC Jpegs, but nothing really worthwhile. I've tested custom picture stiles and the likes but was never satisfied with the outcome. And honestly, I don't want to work on RAWs anymore. I'm just tired of it. I want the same approach that I have when shooting film... finished product. I accept that I cannot change a whole lot with my scanned negative, but I am happy with it, because I like the tonality, the color and the imperfections. They fit together nicely and feel "real" in a sense. In the digital world I think that Fuji Jpegs come closes to what I need, so the picture quality is already there. Now I see Fuji has brought a whole bunch of new and improved cameras to the market and I am looking for something that will be the end-all be-all camera. My Requirements: Newest Sensor and Processor with Color Chrome effect Classic Neg and Acros film sim Fixed or exchangeable lens, preferably 28mm FF equiv. or around 28-45mm Bonus: Set specific Shutter Speed for Auto-ISO (Canon has a fixed threshold of 2x focal length for shutter speed, so with my 32mm lens will keep the shutter speed at or above 1/60th second which may be too slow sometimes) That's it. I don't care about APS-C, FF or MF - as long as it delivers great photos and is easy to setup and use. I was looking at the X100V as it is the easiest to grasp as a concept. The other series are so convoluted that I am honestly having a difficult time finding out which one is still a current camera or already discontinued etc.  
    • Thanks! I had deleted the images the first way but they kept coming back. I must admit to being old enough that I didn't see or recognize the teeny tiny trashcans though.
    • Well, I absolutely loved this camera until I tried to shoot tethered.  This was an absolute disappointment to me, as I am a pro, and wanted the camera to be my walk about, and my back up in the studio, and on location. Well it looks like only the first part of that plan is going to happen. Not being able to shoot tethered is such an unnecessary crippling of an otherwise wonderful instrument.  If I had known about this limitation, I doubt I would have bought it, I probably would have gotten an XT4 and used my existing XT2 as the back up. So, Fuji kind of screwed themselves out of $800 in camera sales, and screwed me out of a new studio cam.
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