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Shalom Aleichem Fuji-X-Forum people!  my name is Danny, I live in South Florida I'm a stay at home and homeschooling dad. I'm into snapping photos because of my 4 beautiful kids (8,7,5 and almost 2)

Hi there, Didiergm here, from France, a non-gifted amateur who insists on taking images in the hope that sometimes a couple of them will be pleasant enough to be printed, framed and put up on the wall

It would be nice to know a little bit more about other members so perhaps those who are willing could post here.   I'll start. I'm olli, orginally from Northern Ireland, now a serial expat, currentl

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I am Paul (Professor Murray), from Bakersfield College in California.  I do some photography, but mostly I use my camera daily for lectures and student meetings.  I had been using Olympus for videos and a Nikon D750 for photos; both cameras had drawbacks.  So, I sold everything and bought an X-T3.  So far, the new system is working out great.  One camera to do everything I need (although I want a second body so that I can do multiple angles for my lectures).


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Hi. Everett here, a US Expat in Berlin Germany since 2013. I focus mainly on landscape photography but dabble in architecture, and switched from Micro 4/3 (predominately Olympus) gear completely over to Fuji in early 2019 with an XT3 with grip, the holy trinity of zooms and 35mm 1.4 as well as an old X70 for a daily banger. 

To be honest, Sony was going to be my choice but I couldn’t justify the lens size, prices and I felt like I was using a computer instead of a camera. 

Fuji still feels like a camera and has a terrific lens line up and system overall. Happy to be here.

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I am a retired Electrical Engineer living in Minnesota. I have had a keen interest in photography since 1958. Yeah, I'm old, but not old school when it comes to cameras. Among my many and diverse camera collection, both film and digital, I have from Fujifilm a GFX50R, X-E1 and X-H1. Last week I bought an X-Pro3, it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

I have always been impressed with the results from my Fuji cameras. The X-Trans sensor performs well above what one might expect from a crop sensor camera.

I will not include a picture of myself so as not tho scare the children.

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Hi All,

 I'm Chris from Australia and was a professional photographer in the press for the first half of my life.

 Wanting a new challenge I have left the media game to the ones who just cannot get enough of it.

 Still wanting a great camera that won't destroy my back but give me the options I had with the full press kit.  So excited to pick up the X-T3.

 I'm really looking forward to reading what you all have to say with tips and seeing what you are shooting




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Hi My names is David *Koneska, I'm from Southampton UK and live in the Netherlands.

After a ten long year love affair with a Nikon D80 I organised a trip to try out a second hand Fuji XE1 with a 27mm lens, I bought it and enjoyed the experience. My photography changed perhaps I felt more limited but the colours blew me away....and more and more I left the Nikon at home . Unfortunately after a slip on harbour ice I the view finder stopped working so I had an excuse to buy a new Fuji XE3 and a 23mm f2 lens.  It's a great camera but it's had some issues, also a view finder issue, which I'm none too pleased about and which is why I joined this site! Looking forward to reading those Fujifilm tales!

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Hi everyone, well this is going to sound mad but I have actually gone backwards with my photography. I have loved photography since the mid 70's and have embraced the digital revolution with open arms, my first digital camera being a Minolta Dimage 7. I have been in a constant battle since then, trying to find the right camera for my needs, switching to several different brands and types of camera over the years. I have learned to take what the photographic press say about the camera that you should buy, with an extremely large pinch of salt, I totally disagree with the constant battle about mega pixels, resolution and sensor size. My main camera equipment up until yesterday, consisted of a Pentax K7 DSLR, a Pentax KP DSLR and four prime lenses and two zoom lenses, all of which provide excellent quality photos, I also have two small compacts, a Lumix TZ60 and a Nikon P7800, both of which have a tiny 1/23rds sensor and it was the Nikon that made me realise, I really do not need a large sensor for my photography because I took the Nikon out for the day and was amazed at the photos it produced and it reminded me of another two camera's that I had once owned, a Fuji XS-1 and a Fuji X30, both great camera's that I regretted selling. Anyway, to cut a VERY long story short, I recently saw a mint condition Fuji XS-1 for sale on E-Bay and it arrived yesterday. I have been out with it this morning and taken loads of photos and came to two conclusions, firstly, this Fuji XS-1 is so much fun to use, very intuitive and produces amazing photos with a phenomenal lens 24-624mm f2.8/5.6. No more trying to decide what lens to use, no more aching back carrying heavy gear, I can just concentrate on taking photos. So, yes, this camera is only 12mp and the sensor is only a 2/3rds sensor but oh boy, Fujifilm did a cracking job with this camera and I absolutely love it. Sorry for the long intro, hope you are still awake! I am a retired Postman, living in the rural town of Devizes in Wiltshire, England and as well as photography I enjoy walking, reading, wood carving and driving 😁 





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On 5/13/2015 at 12:06 PM, olli said:

It would be nice to know a little bit more about other members so perhaps those who are willing could post here.


Hello Olli, I'm Ken, originally from Newfoundland I moved to Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the late 1980's. I've been serious about digital photography since 2008 shortly after completing chemotherapy for lymphoma. I used Canon DSLRs until 2015 when I bought an x-pro 1. I upgraded to the x-pro 2 in 2017. I mostly shoot with a prime 35mm f1.4, I recently bought a zoom 55-200 f3. I also have an 18mm but I don't use it very often. I am president of the local camera club (www.cpopc.ca) and my personal site is www.kennethphotography.ca.  I tend to shoot art projects but recently began shooting landscapes in black and white. I use Capture One Pro to process my Fuji RAW files.

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Sup Fuji community

I'm Marcus. Live in LA. I do photo and video. Editing. Acting. Writing. Typical LA dude. Do too much sh*t.

Here's my half-baked website - www.marcusphotovideo.com


X-T20, X-T3, X-H1

A bunch of lenses

A bunch of other stuff

And my eyeballs

Have a great Tuesday, and happy shooting.

Oh and attached is a pic I've taken. You guys like cats, right?

Circle G BTS-47 copy.jpg

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Doug here, a photographer from the Portsmouth area in the UK. I have been shooting Fuji for quite a while now and have had most of X-Pro and X-T range over time but currently use the X-T4 and love it. Predominantly take Landscape but happy to turn my hand to most things

If interested then please check out some of my work here


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    • I picked this up and have been testing.  The assembly looks a bit frankensteinish but seems to serve the purpose.  I agree with CatAreGods comment on this maybe being unnecessary under some circumstances.  I am pretty happy with it from the standpoint that it lets me balance the entire camera/lens/teleconverter assembly much better over the tripod mount.  That will come in handy with windy or other challenging conditions.
    • I'm going to throw in my two cents here. I have the Fuji GFX 50r and the 50MM pancake lens. This is a great street and general shooting 1-lens kit. As to the difference between FF and MF, I also agree with Jim, I see a difference in the color and resolution on screen (I have yet to print from my Fuji yet). A friend refers to this characteristic as the "special sauce," the combination of Fuji's sensor and lenses. Yes, I have FF Canon R6, the files are good, but there is a visual difference that to me looks richer with the 50r.  The shot of Mano was taken with the 50MM lens on the 50r.
    • Nope, even when it was at minimum extension, no hood.
    • Thank you for your all your replies. I'll update this once available. It's not easy to go to the service center this time.  
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