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Hi All!

I'm a newbie to the Fuji series having previously been a film then Nikon DSLR owner. I am also a newbie to this forum as well as getting back into proper photography (read - only ever using my phone) after a intermittent break. I have a number of questions and troubleshooting is one of them so any guidance you can give will be most appreciated!

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Retired gent from New York City, living in Paris, France for the last 20 years. Travelled from Canon to Nikon and finally to Fuji X-T3 one year ago. Shoot mostly street and travel scenes, my photos can be seen on Facebook at ronfox18 and in Fuji Passion (iso on Facebook). 

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Hi I'm Jake. Prior Canon shooter dating back to the original Rebel, 20D, and 5D. I've been a long time fujirumors viewer and finally bought the XT-4. Waiting on it to deliver soon. Located in US and I'm starting back up in the photog world. In the past, I would take my camera along with me on business trips, traveling 270 days out of the year. Since that all stopped, I stopped taking photos unless if it were through my phone. I'm excited to get back into it again... will be cool to see the new technologies out there.

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I have been a long term user of Fuji x cameras and am currently using the X-H1 with seven lenses at my disposal. I process my images in Adobe Lightroom Classic. 

I live in the county of Lancashire in the UK. I am long time retired and live in sheltered accommodation with my wife. My main passion is landscape photography. I process my images with Adobe but gave up printing due to the cost and use an internet printing firm.

I have been a photographer for the past sixty years and have owned a number of cameras. The most significant being, The Spotmatic, Canon SD1 and now the Fujifilm X series and have progressed through to my forth model the Fuji X-H1. 

Question: I have recently being using Focus Bracketing and am enjoying the remarkable results this process creates. However, in reducing the workload in Lightroom processing so many images I decided to use Presets. In doing so I created two Presets one of each of my most commonly used Fuji colour profiles: Astra/Soft and Pro Neg Hi taken from the Development module which I included sharpening. So far so good. However, In trying to use another Fuji colour profile in the development module I discover they have all disappeared and I don't know how to get them back. Also, when implementing the Preset, the actual Fuji Profile name does not appear in the Development module Colour box but the sharpening is implemented. Confusing.  My adobe is a subscription account so is automatically updated. Can you please tell me how to get back all my Fuji colour profiles.  Although a long term user of Adobe, I am not a soft ware or computer savvy person. 

Many thanks


It would appear having researched the above question that the reason I could not see the Fuji colour profiles was that I had been using my camera in jpeg mode. The Fuji colour profiles will only be visible when processing RAW files.  "One small step for mankind." 


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Found the answer to my question
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Hello, I am a retired New Yorker, now living in Paris. I have been using an X-T3 for more than a year doing mainly street photographer and some sea and land scapes in the countryside.

My question is in the time of covid-19, how do you clean the camera body and lens after returning from a shoot?


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Hello Everyone. 

I used to be a pro photographer and have been using the Fujifilm system for 4 years now. I own the Fujifilm X-T3 and the X-T30 with a whole bunch of lenses. I love the whole system. for the lenses, my favorites are the 16 and 23 f/1.4, the 35mm f/2 and the 50-140 f/2.8. What I love about Fuji is their native glass. Really top notch! I specialize in portrait photography, product photography, artistic nudes and I really want to get into macro. 

I also have a blog about photography with a lot of camera reviews (much of the gear reviews are Fuji): https://jacquesgaines.com/blog/

I am working on a whole new site on artistic nudes called https://newartistc.com/ It will feature a blog dedicated to the artistic process.

By the way if you guys have anything you want to review or look at, feel free to ask

There is also a YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/jacquesgaines . Yup I am one of those guys too.

Glad to be a part of this community.

Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!

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Good morning everyone!
Let me start by saying that I am extremely glad to be back with Fuji.
It's my second time, having going back and forward between the X system and Nikon, with a first XE-1 which made me absolutely fall in love with everything except the slow auto-focus, improved in the XE-2 that followed, but was always several steps back from the amazing AF in the D700 - also, that sensor has unbelievably beautiful colors, particularly the skin tones that every owner of that fantastic piece of photographic gear can and will swear by. Another thing that kept me a bit weary of the second generation of the Fuji sensors was the infamous water-coloring effect, but somehow it's something I am noticing almost nothing now when editing the XT-1 files... either my post-processing capabilities improved or Lightroom have gotten the algorithms perfected since the last time I edited anything Fuji related...
The XT-1 was the choice, clearly for monetary reasons, as my photography journey was marked by a series of events that had led me to a limited budget/choices and the same is happening now. Bought a used and beat-up 18-55 to go with it. Had shot with one before and knew how helpful it would be in the beginning, but I also knew the limitations of this lens, having owned the 35/1.4 and 55/200 with the previous adventure with the X system still very early in my journey.
Anyway, I apologize for the long post, but I believe that, unlike the last time I was in the forum, a proper presentation might be required, as both my images and myself have matured and changed, even if it wasn't that long ago.
I leave a link to my Flickr to the ones interested in having a look at what my path in this amazing world of shadows and light looked like.

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Hi. A few moths ago I happened into a used camera store. I found camera I just fell in love with—an X20 ($130.) Who knew photography is such a low cost hobby!

I’m shooting with the X20 everyday. Such fun.

I’m on the Insta instagram.com/woolverton/

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Hi I'm Jens, I'm danish and living i Sweden. I work with IT management in one of the world's leading green energy suppliers; Orsted.

I have been in and out of amateur photography since my early teens. My first camera was a Pentax MX film SLR with a nifty fifty which I got in High School where I also took a few photography classes and learned to develop my pictures. There have been many small and large cameras in between but as digital got serious I chose Canon and since 2010 I have been shooting with 7D's and a bunch of heavy L-glasses. In recent years I have become more of a hybrid shooter within street, travel and daddy-photography but to be honest the weight and size of my gear often makes me leave it at home.

I have put ALL of my Canon gear up for sale. I am switching to Fujifilm and want to go smaller, lighter and more minimalistic with just a few primes in a package that works for both stills and video and that can go along with travels, hiking, street and night.

It has been difficult to decide which camera to choose. The X-T30 was a strong candidate for it's size and weight but for the video capabilities I just ordered the X-T4 with an XF35/f2 . The IBIS alone will save me lots of extra equipment which is important on a 3 weeks hike and also, the grip of the X-T4 simply sits better in my hand. My shopping list probably includes the 16/f1.4 and 56/f1.2 and one or two more but I won't be buying anything more until the X-T4 has grown into me.

I am very exited with my decision to move to Fujiland and also to somehow go back to where I started in photography.

Cheers from Malmoe, Sweden


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