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    • Wow !!! Great photo !!! Vilnius looks amazing. So green ! And clean !!! Nice shot man. Good ol' kit lens, one of the best there ever was. Looking forward to seeing more ! Cheers.
    • Feel you !!! Fujis are flying off the shelves right now, atleast in the States. Even on the used market, some bodies that I thought would be available, or at a certain price...are not, available lol. X-T50 looks nice !!! Thinking about it, or the X-T30ii, we'll see.
    • Whew !!! What a camera ! Never shot one but, the images I've seen look great ! I was thinking about getting the 50Sii, cuz there's a good price on them right now. $2400-$2900 for the body. Looking forward to seeing what you create !
    • Spain !!! NICE !!! Been to Barcelona + Madrid, once...need to go back !!! X-T30II !!! Nice, I've been thinking about picking up one again. I had the first version w/ the 35F2 and loved that setup...I moved on so I could get an X-T4. But I loved how small it was and how powerful it was. Hard to find the MARK2 version right now, even used...I think I'm going to try and add that.
    • Wow, just re-read this post...so cool about Ireland and the lockdown being the jolt / spark that pushed you further into photography ! And man, that zoom lens sounds sick !!! I've had a few chances to shoot some concerts, but I didn't have a proper zoom and always wondered what a good one would be.. 16-150 !!! Wow !
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