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    • Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
    • Welcome to our forum!
    • I have an XS10 but I don't carry it around with me daily.  I've kind of been thinking about wanting to get something a little smaller that would be a good daily for just whatever randomness I find that I'd like to shoot.  Would the XT100 be good for that?  Is there that much of a size difference to bother with?  I've never seen one in person but have been eyeballing them on several of the used camera sites since they are a little cheaper.  
    • New here, excited to start sifting through posts and learning!  I have an XS10 and a 50-140, the good ol' kit 18-55 and a 35f2.  Started with Sony stuff and got bored with it and went Fuji.  I'm just a hobby photographer, I don't do it for a job or anything.  I did take my nephews senior pictures though and they turned out great!  Maybe one day when I retire from my current job I could find a way to make some money, but for now I'll just stick with shooting what I want, when I want! 😁
    • You have to use a card reader - there is a 4GB limit in copying from Fujifilm cameras to Mac computers via USB
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