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How do you transfer images from the camera to Cam Remote [iOS]? What am I doing wrong?

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I have an XT2 and have no issues transferring images from that camera. With the X100V, I'm getting really, REALLY frustrated and tired of not being able to use the app to transfer images. 

- I had no problem pairing the devices.
- I have opened the Fuji Remote app and have Fujifilm-x100V-18B8 visible with a flashing bluetooth icon and a solid wifi icon.
- The camera says: iPhone-7459. Start Up Fujifilm app for digital camera and select the function Fujifilm-x100v-18B8. 
- When I select Single Image Transfer on iPhone I get one of two events;
   (1) "Turn on the camera power on. It might take approx 10 seconds to connect." then closes. 
   (2) Same message as above but then "Camera is processing. Switch to the Play menu or the Shooting menu."
- That's it. It happens every time now. I was able to transfer images the first few times but now, nothing. 

I know the easy response is to delete the app and pair again. I have done that once already and will do that again after I submit this.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a a specific sequence of opening / turning on that needs to be followed? Do I have to manually connect to the wifi first? Are there settings or other functions that may be interfering with the transfer? None of this stuff is in the manual and isn't spelled out in the app or on the phone. 

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