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HDR app for Mac Catalina - not Aurora HDR


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I’m looking for a quality software program that’s Mac compatible. I understand Adobe can do HDR And I do have PS elementals 2020 but I understand I need their cloud rental software to do HDR.

I’ve been using Skylum’s Aurora HDR and its been ok but I’ve had loading issues that they were no help with and I’ve realized Skylum isn’t so much a quality photo software solution as it is a marketing company. After buying Aurora HDR twice, Luminar twice and their miscellaneous “Deals”, I’m done and want to move away from their yearly game.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!





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Title clarification. HDR Software not a computer 🖥 monitor
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You can try Affinity Photo, it is fairly affordable and works with HDR types of images. There are plenty of tutorials available for doing just that as well as Affinity’s online help section.


p.s. You may want to change your title a bit. The very recent MacOS 10.15.4 Catalina update turned on support for HDR monitors, so if you have one connected to your Mac, you already have ‘HDR support’ in a sense.

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Thanks jerryy!

I just discovered Affinity and see it’s on sale for 1/2 price, so I bought it @ $25. US! 

on your other Mac Catalina topic. I see your concern on HDR so it’s been changed, thank you for pointing that out

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HDR clarification
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