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John Bustard

XT-20 Firmware Update - Willing to Pay

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Message to Fujifilm:  With the collapse of the stock market and shutdown of our economy, it is extremely unlikely I will be buying a new Fujifilm camera this year, e.g. the XT-4.  But I would be very glad to pay $79 U.S. for a firmware update to my XT-20 that significantly improves autofocus performance, especially in lower light situations such as indoor soccer games, or outdoor soccer games near sundown.  I suspect I am not the only person in this situation.  I suspect you would like to see more revenue in 2020 and this is an opportunity.  If your software developers need to work from home, doing firmware updates would be a possibility for you too.  This could be a win-win.  Please consider it.  I love my XT-20 and use it almost exclusively instead of my Sony 6300, which is now my backup camera.  My lens all have image stabiliazation, so IBIS is not a major thing I am looking for at this time, another eason I prefer an update to my XT-20 even at a reasonable fee.

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