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Sound on video shot with X-Pro2

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Hi there

I have just begun shooting some video on my X-Pro2 and visually I am happy with the results. However, although the sound (cranes calling) replays just fine on the camera, when I replay on my computer the sound is smudged and distorted - basically useless. Can anyone suggest what I can do about this? Any help appreciated.

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I prefer to use separate audio when recording with my X-Pro2.  You can use a 2.5mm-3.5mm headphone jack adapter and use an external recorder like a Tascam DR60D MkII, or mic adapter like a Beachtek DXA-MICRO-PRO PLUS to plug into the camera's mic input; but in my experience the camera's auto gain control (AGC) even set to 1 always spikes up the volume in silent parts (i.e. recording interviews with lulls in between Q&A) which creates an audible hiss in the recording. 

I end up just using a sound recorder with sound fed back into the X-Pro2 and using that sound for reference to sync up the video with the externally recorded audio in post-production.

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