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Locked in panoramic mode


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Please help, I have an X-T1 when switching on will default to panoramic mode regardless of which mode is selected. I have updated to the new body version 5.51 and updated the lens version in case for some reason is the problem. Once turned on the camera will not respond to mode changes, except randomly. This renders the camera unusable unless you really want to take all panoramic pictures. I am at a loss. Should I take this to a repair tech or is this a software issue that I may be able to fix?  


Thank you all in advance.   

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That does unfortunately sound like a faulty drive dial. Have to tried turning it back and forth to both extremes a few times? If some dirt has gotten in there somehow that may help. Otherwise it's most likely time for a repair.

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I have turned it as many ways as I could, with the same result. I actually got it to work today for about ten minutes before it randomly changed to panoramic mode without cue. The manipulation of the dial feels smooth and not like it has gotten anything in there. I was hopeful that there would be something that I could do, but repair is most likely the answer.

With that in mind, as I am new to all of this, where is the best place to have this repair done? There are a few Murphy's Camera stores in my city or would it be better to send back to Fujifilm? 

Thank you again!

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I don't know about the repair situation in the US. I have sent stuff in to Fujifilm here in Sweden and couple of times and they have sent it to their service center in the UK.

I would check with Fujifilm for an authorized repair shop, or if you know of a good serious repair shop you could ask them if they can fix it. I assume it's out of warranty? Otherwise I would check with whoever is responsible for the warranty first.

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On 12/28/2022 at 10:30 AM, akfkfme said:

Use the lock function under the 3rd gear in the menu

Litteraly created an account to thank you for this, i've been using my X100T for the better part of a year and a half because of this issue, (and also the size of a X100T vs the XT-1 with manual focus lense+ adapter) i rarely shoot any other mode than S, If i ever need to i don't mind having to go back in the menu and changing it for that specific.

Long live the forums.

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