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Film Simulation?

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I would use heavy large grain and Black and White.  That is my plan.  Might use small grain.  Or Vivid.  If you are doing colors, you should use the richest available.  But Always do 4K 24FPS for film reproduction.  24 FPS is how they played the movies on the screen.  They actually "Filmed the scenes in around 12 FPS.  Vignetting can be done by lens hoods or zoom lenses.  You could look like the greats.  "Big Trouble In Little China, The Terminator, Escape from New York/L.A.  Schindler's List, the original E.T."  Just to name a few

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    • This looks really bad, the camera needs a new housing IMHO. You should contact the Fuji service or your dealer.
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