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    • Hi, I'm having some weird issues with the Fringer EF-FX Pro II on my Fuji XT3 and I hope someone can help. When using the adapter with my Canon and Sigma lenses the image on the camera LCD is not showing the correct depth of field for the selected aperture unless I half-press the shutter button. The dof in the image remains wide open unless I half-press the shutter. The exposure of the image is shown correctly and changes accordingly when changing the apertue on the lens, the
    • Follow up... Picked up my camera from the repair shop yesterday. It turns out small particles (rice) got into the camera which jammed the shutter. I enjoy rice but can't figure out how that got into the camera.🤔
    • With so many impressive firmware updates, how does the upgraded X-Pro 2 compare with a new X-Pro 3  in terms of image quality and auto focus usability ? (yes, subjective question) There seem to be a lot of XP2's around looking for a home at attractive prices but I haven't seen a comparison. Dave
    • I would love if Fuji adopted Canons scroll wheel. It’s so fast and accurate, the best autofocus I’ve ever used. 
    • Hi, I wrote to the representative office of Russia. Here is the official answer (translated into english by google translator): We conducted a thorough diagnosis and revealed the appearance of a similar effect in some conditions both on your camera and on other test specimens. It is impossible to eliminate this phenomenon, since its appearance is due to the very structure of the camera components. This effect is not a malfunction, your camera passes the tests and meets the declared technica
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