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Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom


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Good morning friends!

i have been browsing the internet but can’t seem to find a clear answer. Are Fujifilm camera profiles and film simulations now available for RAW files in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Canera Raw please?

I have been using this software for too many years to make a switch easily so I would be grateful for any feedback

Thank you 

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Lightroom Classic does provide for this now.  I, however switched to Capture One Pro (paid version), kicking and screaming over a year ago and I love it!  I fought myself over switching for the editing process for ever.  I still use Lightroom to catalog and for collections and only use C1Pro for my editing of the raw files.  The reason I switched over is because I saw the amazing difference between LR and C1Pro when processing the Fuji raw files.  After almost two years of editing in C1Pro I have it down to a science.  Each camera body has it's own sharpening algorithm setup so upon import in C1 the sharpening for that specific body is applied.  All I have to do then is tweak the files however I want.  As I said I fought against moving over for quite some time.  But then I downloaded the FREE Fuji version of C1 tried it and fell in love.  I then went out and bought the FULL Pro version because I decided to process my old(er) Nikon files, and my Mavic Pro DNG files through C1Pro and IMHO you can see the difference.


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