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Filmsimulation Custom Settings Lightroom

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Hello everyone,

I have searched the forums but I haven't found an answer to my question, so here goes. 

I have c1-c7 mostly with different versions of Classic Chrome and Acros+R. Now I use the App to transfer the Jpegs to my phone.

First Question: do my photos taken with one of the custom settings for film sims keep their settings when send to the phone via the App? Second question: do they also keep their settings when I want to edit the jpegs further in Lightroom mobile. Or is everything reset to the standard profile? 

I really want to edit my photos just a bit based on the custom settings that I set in camera for the film Sims.

Cheers in advance

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It would appear the answer is yes in both cases - as you are transferring jpgs the conversion to the film simulation and jpg settings have already taken place in the camera.

If you shoot raw and transfer the files directly (either by card reader or wifi) then you have the flexibility to change film simulation and other jpg settings on the phone.

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Thank you very much for this info. That is good news. It would have been really annoying if all my custom settings to the film Sims would have been lost while transferring the jpegs. It took quite some time to fine tune the film sims to my liking

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