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Poor/Stupid Camera Remote

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After couple of years of using Fujifilm - and having troubles with connection to my Android phone plenty of times, after seeing Camera Remote being slow - all of which I can live with (thou its hard) - this app started putting files  to different locations.

Took me a long while to find a specific file...

Folders name given by program:

Camera Remote

Photo receiver.

Ok - I can handle 2.

Bot now - it puts files to strange locations:


At first I thought these pisc were missing and the app was broken or maybe my sd.. Now Im sure the quality of this app is far far beyond any expectations.


Any comments/ solutions? regards.

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I had similar problems with the application which never worked properly (Android version) and finally stopped to use it.

For pictures with the tripod I just use the timer and put 2-3 seconds delay.

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    • Greybeard, I  I did put both cards in the Fuji to format. 1 failed, the other formatted but failed to record all the images I took. B&H authorized a return. So I'll look at either cards recommended by Fuji
    • Did you format the cards in camera? If the cards work in the Panasonic they should work in the Fuji. You really shouldn't be getting these types of problem with any modern SD card.
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