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Fuji XH1 grainy images with 10-24

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Hi everyone 

I have recently purchased an XH1 which I love! I have also just purchased a 10-24 and have been experiencing grainy almost out of focus images with low speed landscape images. I always use a tripod and have my ISO locked on L. I have tried various apertures around f8 to f13. I have a CPL fitted and sometimes a grad filter depending on the conditions. 

Any ideas?

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I had a similar head scratcher recently with the 15-45 and H1. For a lot of shots, it was almost impossible to figure out, where the focus actually lies when shot at around 15mm.

I came to the conclusion that it was a mix of reasons that led to blurry images even at f8+f11:

- shot against the sun (cloudy early morning) reduced (micro) contrast

- longer shutter speeds vs slightly moving foliage

- comparing jpg preview of wide angle vs narrower angles at high zoom levels in cam, ended up zooming closer for the same/a similar detail in wider angles. Shot raw+jpg and the jpgs imported from the cam show way more detail than the siblings shown in the evf and screen after shooting them. Adding higher zoom levels when looking at 15mm vs, say, 30mm didn't help either but it's a weird behaviour of mine I guess.



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The 10-24 is a great lens. If you're on a tripod, I'd be inclined to:

- turn ibis off

- set to f8

- set to iso200

- adjust shutter to get exposure

- remove filters (for now)

- manual focus using the indicator and peaking

I've used this lens extensively and it's sharp. For video, it produces great colours and contrast under artificial light such as stage dance and drama (which is what I spend most of my time filming).

Also, eliminate the obvious such as strap swing, loose tripod, nearby vibrations such as roads/trains etc.

Let us know how you get on.

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