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Pelican Case useres?

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Wondering if there are any Pelican case owners that use them to carry/ store their Fuji gear.

I'm Basically looking into something small and light, that's why I have my eye set on the 1485 Air Case, but the TrekPak version as to get as much stuff in as possible.

Right now my fuji kit is small, but by the end of the year it will consist of 2 X bodies, 5 primes (some f2 some 1.4) 2 Speedlights and a whole bunch of accessories.

Anyone with some first hand experience with the case or anything similar?



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I am using a Peli case for storage of my gear.

1x Body XT-3

1x Lens Samyang 12mm/F2

1x Lens XF16-55mm/F2.8

1x Lens XF23mm/F2

1x Lens XF27mm/F2.8

1x Lens XF35mm/F2

1x Lens XF50mm/F2

1x Lens XF50-140mm/F2.8

and some smaler stuff like charger, batteries, flash, remote trigger and straps.

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I just bought a Pelican Air 1535 with TrekPak for travel purposes. This is the maximum size for carry-on and has the typical carry-on handle and wheels like any luggage would. It will arrive next week.

I will attempt to hold my 2 bodies, 3-6 lenses (no telephoto yet), and drone and all the accessories. I don't think I can fit my webill S gimbal, but we'll see.

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I have a pelican 1510 for travel purposes; the retractable handle and roller wheels are great features and fits in the overhead nicely.  It’s waterproof and floats, so it’s my go to for camping or whitewater rafting.   I originally used it for my canon gear, but need to get new foam inserts for retasking it for the Fuji stuff.  kindly ignore the poor space utilization.


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Same, 1510 for storage of all main gear, a Storm i1200 for Macro related gear. Never take them out of the house except for the odd road trip where I need to secure the case with a cable like in a sketchy hotel or whatnot. Lately I have been thinking of getting a teeny case with plucked foam just for the X-T5 and the 27+50 f/2. Like a Seahorse 230.

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    • Interesting to hear about the heat issue and sorry for your experiencing it. On the Oregon coast we don't have to worry about heat as it rarely gets above 76 deg. F. I had an opportunity to field test mine on a 7.1 mile hike in the woods of the Oregon coast. We climbed 1,300 feet with different temperature zones on each side of the mountain.  The first thing I noticed is how the closeness of the controls on the small body make it easy to push buttons or hit the shutter button when taking it out and putting it in a bag. It can make for some interesting things appearing in the viewfinder that have to be reset before taking a picture. The size of it is really requiring a different way of handling it. I've owned an X-T10 and I don't remember it being this fiddly. The shutter button release is stiff compared to my X-H2s with its smooth release and the stiffness sometimes made me push a little to hard to get it to focus and I ended up with out of focus images from pushing too hard and tripping the shutter. I really like the sim choice dial as it has a cool semi circle display that shows the film sim selected and a picture of the film canister. I also really like Reala Ace and it has become my fav sim. It will be nice when it is available for my X-H2s. I also did some bird photography with it and my 150-600 and really like the built in digital tele convertors. I noticed very little image degradation even with the 2X multiplier. The issue is the size of the camera to the size of the lens making it difficult to balance so I'll be staying with the X-H2s combo in the future and use the X-T50 for hikes, travel and landscapes. So overall, as with any camera, there are things to like and dislike based on personal preference. What I'm most disappointed in is DXO PR4 not recognizing the files. I'd publish some images but I don't like the way they appear on this site and it wouldn't be a good representation. I will also add to my review from time to time as I use the camera more.
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