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Hey everyone.. 


I just found this form after looking at many fuji cameras over the past week :)

I had a Fuji X-T20 bought new..but it was stolen in Austin back in 2019.  So i don't have a camera right now.. but i really loved using Fuji - both aesthetically and functionally. 

The fact that Fuji sends out firmware updates on their cameras are amazing.. so with that in mind, i want to do some research on whether i should buy:

a new X-H1 (for about $1000 minus any lenses)  OR get the X-T4 when it comes out 


I love the fact that X-h1 has IBIS as well as weather sealing which i missed so much in the xt-20. 


For the price right now.. the X-H1 is a tremendous value i feel like..  and i'd imagine the X-T4 will be around $800-1000 more when that comes out.. but it'll be new, compared to the 2yr old X-H1 




Thank you

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    • By Cy_J
      I have been a Nikon user since around 2007 when I moved to a DSLR. Before that I had experience with Fuji cameras (FinePix E900) and loved the pictures I took with it. Over the years I went through some experimenting with camera and lens combinations before my current setup, the Nikon D7100 and 18-300 lens. I used to travel a lot and took pictures like crazy from trains, buses, helicopters as well as during walks. I don't have time or patience to keep switching lenses and the 18-300 has been good for the most part even though the images are a little soft. I also despise tripods or posing people and prefer to shoot in the moment. Anyway enough about my history and preferences, lets get to the point.
      I have been investigating moving into mirrorless and considering options outside of Nikon which brought me to looking over the Sony range and of course returning to Fuji. The Sony a7 II has a nice feel to it and specs but is way too expensive for my tastes and I'm not much of a Sony fan as I had bad experiences with their cameras in the past (pre-Fuji). The Fuji X-T10 seems like reasonably priced system and I have been enjoying the photos I have seen taken with it. 

      Of course any such move to a new camera brings in the concerns so I thought, who would have better information than this group. Any Nikon converts want to share their experience?  I am also open to taking advice on lenses since there doesn't seem to an 18-300 equivalent for the Fuji. 

      Thanks in advance.

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