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pixel shift results are AMAZING, but seems to be very processor intensive, as does the X-Trans sensor.  I know I've read articles that state this, but I'm taking a guess when I say that perhaps pixel shift with X-Trans together would require a processor newer than the X-Processor4?  Or perhaps some aggressive firmware that slows down the camera to keep heat down?  Even though it's the processor of the X-T3, it's still new enough that they use it in the X-T4.

EDIT: and I agree with @andrei89, that it would very likely require a wider shift to cover the pixel possibilities.  Looking at the Wiki entry, I would guess that the 1/2 pixel shift needed for a minimal pixel shift would require 3 pixels.  So could theoretically require 6x the light that Bayer requires.  Or 6x of some other resource... maybe 3x the light, but only 1/2 of the pixel increase of other cameras.

- just my 2cents

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@jlmphotos, the xt1_manual in Specifications (pg126) states 4896x3264 (16MP) for single images, and 2160*9600 (21MP) for panorama.  That means the camera can improve it's resolution 31%, and you have the problem of varying perspective (do you raise and lower your tripod?  only works well for very close shots), as all panoramas have.  This is hardly a substitute for in-camera pixel shift (although pixel shift has the problem of increased exposure resulting in motion).  If you're referring to taking separate images and then using an editor to join them, that is quite a lot of extra work, especially for someone who isn't familiar with basic tools.  Image editors are far from intuitive.

On 7/11/2020 at 3:38 PM, jlmphotos said:

If you want higher res, shoot a vertical pano. Just a suggestion as I've done this with my X-T1 for sh*ts and giggles and the results are amazing.



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    • I must have activated the wrong setting because now when I switch to the OVF the white windows stays for a second and then completely disappears. Any idea how to get it back? Thank you all so much. 🙂
    • No thunder stolen. If you read to the end of my article you'll see (in the section "Resources") I have a link for Simon Weir's site. I also have two other links on there with various IR tests. My article is only Fuji-centric because that is my system of choice though I've done a ton of IR work with Sony FF as well. I consider the sites for which I provide links to be complementary and I wish there were more sites out there evaluating for infrared. Although I test for infrared quite thoroughly I can only afford so many lenses. The eight Fuji mount lenses shown in my article I bought myself. In fact, same with the Sony and Micro 4/3 with the exception of the two Sony APS-C zooms that were rented. Also when I get new lenses, I'll update the article on my blog. I can't update the PetaPixel one as they just republished what was on my blog at the time. I have recently shot with the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 Fuji-X and 7Artisans 35mm f0.95 Fuji-X. After trying 2 samples of the Voigtlander I returned them both but mainly for their strange and unacceptable (for my work) performance with resolution. Regarding IR, the Voiglander is free of hotspots from 1.2 through about f3.5. I'm impressed with the 7Artisans overall but it only works for IR at wider apertures (f0.95 through about f2.8.) Then again that's why you buy an f/0.95 lens. Thanks for the feedback. Happy shooting! Joel
    • Yes I don’t blame you. I’ll always have some Fujifilm gear. But if they don’t upgrade their gear in the next 3 months I’m going to go back to Canon for a lot of my work. I really love Fujifilm for all the right reasons but it’s faults are getting in the way of my work at this point.
    • You're welcome. I still use my X-Pro2 for personal work every now and then, but I replaced the X-H1 (and the rest of the Fuji-kit) with a Z7II-based kit and I'm very satisfied with that move.
    • That’s a lot of great info. I’m gonna explore those options. I don’t really wanna get an XT4 at this point. (Come on X-H2!) Thanks!
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