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First impression of the Fuji X-T10

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Hi everyone.


First post here :-)


I'll probably not add to the many camera reviews out there, but just wanted to share my first impressions of the X-T10 and a few images from it.


Firstly, my history is that I started shooting with an X-Pro 1 pretty much when it was first released, having switched from a Nikon D700 set up. I then purchased an X-E2 because I wanted to take advantage of the new hardware upgrades and needed a spare camera. X-E2 was my first choice most of the time but would sometimes switch back to use the X-Pro1 when it was appropriate. The X-Pro1 for me still has something special.


Like most people I have got a little bored with waiting for the new X-Pro 2, it's been a long time now. I was weighing up whether to get myself an X-T1 or X-T10 and to be honest it's really an interim camera for me until the X-Pro 2 comes out and so the X-T10 won!


First of all I found it a little difficult to get used to having shot with the X-Pro and X-E for a long time now...


Mainly I found the viewfinder in the middle to be odd, I must be instutionalised!! Obviosuly that is not a fault, I just need to adjust and I'm sure it won't take too long.


The X-T10 is small and I found when holding and using the camera that the thenar part of my hand kept pressing the right direction button on the reverse of the camera. This was assigned to flash mode and it was a little annoying. I have now set that function button to do nothing. Fortunately I have enough other function buttons for all of the regular things I need. Other than that I have found it pretty good to hold and use, once you have the function buttons assigned to what works best for you.


For me, I love having the pop-up flash, this was a benefit of the X-T10 over the X-T1.


It does feel odd having a mirror prism hump on these cameras, but at least it does serve a purpose of sorts, it contains the electronic viewfinder and in the case of the X-T10, also the flash.


No weather sealing does not bother me too much as I don't currently own any weather resistant lenses. I'm kind of hoping that the X-Pro 2 will have though, for future lens purchases. But we'll see on that front!


I have to admit the biggest draw to the X-T1 was the viewfinder and the X-T10 is definitely a compromise. But it's okay, it's every bit as good as my X-E2. Again I hope that the X-Pro 2 will at least have an electronic viewfinder to match the X-T1 or maybe even better, with the added benefit of the hybrid.


Firmware 4 does seem good, the interface and type sizes used are a little different and again takes just a bit of getting used to. The auto focus does seem more snappy than that of the X-E2 and appears to perform better in low light. I may not use the tracking features that much but it's nice to have the option. Face (and eye) recognition seems to work pretty well which is ncie to have.


I also really like having the electronic shutter and have set it to activate when the mechanical shutter can't achieve a fast enough shutter speed. This came in to play with the photo of my daughter with her new slinky!


Of course it's rumoured that firmware 4 will come for the X-E2 by the end of the year, but I'm slighly skeptical that it will work quite as well on an older camera, but we'll see.


Just a couple of samples to show so far, but of course image quality is no different to any of the other cameras in the line up.


This image was taken with the X-T10 at the weekend. Wide open at f/1.4 with the 23mm lens and at ISO 1000.



© Andrew Newson


This image was taken with the X-T10 at the weekend. Wide open at f/1.4 with the 23mm lens, at ISO 200 and a shutter speed of 1/4700 sec.



A couple of images of a rather tasty Dodge Charger in Bexhill.



So I guess you could say that I am a professional using 'enthusiast' cameras, but you know what, I really don't care! These Fujis are great, whether you go for the X-E2, the X-T10 or pretty much any one of the current X line up, you know you're going to get great image quality. I can't wait to see where it goes next!


Thanks for reading.



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Love the camera and I hope you'll love it too. Im a full time paid photographer and Im using all fuji cameras. I dont care what they call it "enthusiast" "prosumer" "beginner" "entry level" etc etc - as long as they do what I need and I deliver results, they are a professional tool for me.


However I do wish they would've put an iso dial below their mode dial (stack it).


So Im sticking to my xt-1 and have my xt-10 for second body.


Sure yes I can configure it on one of the button, but I guess Im spoiled for having a physical iso button. I almost never needed to open up the menu anymore..



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