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The second coming?

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I'm not sure if I already registered and posted here! In case not it'd be rude to just barge in, so hello :) if I've already said that please excuse the repetition!

Mostly I photograph my family and other animals among their Island farm landscapes. Using Fuji since 2013.



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On 1/23/2020 at 6:26 PM, le boecere said:

I've kept track of Fujipixie's comments, posts, and photographic activities on other forums.  She's (you're) a more than welcome addition to this one.


Thank you very much! :)

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    • By chance do you have the settings for touch screen focus turned on? If so, then every time you look through the view finder, the focus point will bounce around like you are describing. Make certain it is turned off in the menus. That setting is more intended to be used with the big lcd screen.
    • I have an XT2 and have no issues transferring images from that camera. With the X100V, I'm getting really, REALLY frustrated and tired of not being able to use the app to transfer images.  - I had no problem pairing the devices. - I have opened the Fuji Remote app and have Fujifilm-x100V-18B8 visible with a flashing bluetooth icon and a solid wifi icon. - The camera says: iPhone-7459. Start Up Fujifilm app for digital camera and select the function Fujifilm-x100v-18B8.  - When I selec
    • I acquired an X100V this week and have the same issue as that described by Joe Zhou. Compared to my XT3, its extremely loud. Compared to the Canons I have used it is very noticesble and a bit off-putting. Are such noises the norm with this camera?
    • I have good results removing worms with Topaz De-Noise on auto settings. I am shooting RAF from a XT-30 in LR Classic 9.2. I have a couple of questions 1. Why do I get artefacts in about half my RAF files only? 2. If it is a RAF processing issue, why do I see it in jpegs too? 3. Has anybody else tried the Topaz De-Noise editing. Finally, I have no connection whatsoever with Topaz thanks
    • What are your settings under Autofocus mode in the setup menu?
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