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Need help with next purchase - X100F? XT30?

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Hi guys,


I bought the X100 when it launched in 2011 and used it for my travels for a while. I loved the image quality but the handling was clunky. It eventually was left in my dry cabinet when I bought an Olympus EM10 in 2014. I only have kit lens with the Olympus though.


Come 2020 and I feel the itch to upgrade my camera equipment. There’s a lot of options though and I need help deciding. The primary use will be family trips and vacations, and occasionally on my business trips.  I want kit as light as possible because I hate carrying around stuff and I have a bad back/shoulders.


I did some research and narrowed down to a few options. Full frame would be nice but is too bulky and heavy. What option makes the most sense?


  1. Upgrade to the X100F. Pros – love the fuji film modes and small size. Majority of my shots are landscape, portraits and street photography.  Cons -  I may want telephoto zooms for future family trips, e.g. if we go to a safari.  
  2. Get a XT30 and a fast and small prime lens. This gives me the flexibility to get a telephoto in the future and is the most future proof.
  3. Upgrade my Olympus lenses. This is probably the cheapest option if I get used lenses but may come up to the same cost as a used X100F.

What do you guys think?

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You could take a look at the X-E3, too. The rangefinder style is more similar to to the X100 than the X-T30's style. If you want the flexibility and the Fuji film modes, you can rule out 1. and 3.  

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