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m k

Darktable noise profile for X-T30 needed

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The photo editor Darktable have added support for X-T30, however that support currently lacks a noise profile. It would be great if someone would be able to assist them by creating one for them. There are instructions on how to create such a noise profile here https://pixls.us/articles/how-to-create-camera-noise-profiles-for-darktable/

I do not have all the pre-requisites for the photo-part of the process, but I can assist with the non-photo parts of the process if needed.

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This looks like what I do in Astrophotography  with software like Pixinsight.  The link you sent is where you create your own darks for your particular camera.  If it is like AP photography, the darks are used to calibrate your normal light frames and are specific to each camera as every sensor is a bit difference in noise.  I can't see much point in using the profile of my X-T30 on somebody else X-T30, it would improperly remove noise.

You need to make your own files and move them into Darktable per the instructions.  Frankly, looks like a pain for normal photography.

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Well, from what I understand it is more about creating a profile to know how much noise reduction a specific camera needs for each OSI level, so they can make it easy to apply noise reduction. So it is not required to be unique per camera, but only per camera model.

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