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Let’s Enjoy the Mirrorless Price War – Last Day (Maybe) to Save $1,000 on Fujifilm X/GFX Gear

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eXtended X/GFX Deals In theory, this is the last day of Fujifilm X and GFX deals. I say in theory, as lately Fujifilm (and all other manufacturers), just keep up chronically discounting all their gear. See for example: Canon EOS…

The post Let’s Enjoy the Mirrorless Price War – Last Day (Maybe) to Save $1,000 on Fujifilm X/GFX Gear appeared first on Fuji Rumors.

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Yes, I surely hope the GFX deals come back as I was planning on buying one.  But I just couldn't get the funds together in time to beat the deadline.  I would hate to see them keep the price high as that adds another $1,000 and eliminates me from buying one.  I will be looking at a full frame camera unless the prices come down again.  I hate to do that as I have been a Fuji user for a number of years now having come from Nikon.  Is it back to Nikon now?

I can't imagine Fuji would not go back to the sale prices.  They were on sale for such a long period time I'm surprised they ended it, and who is going to buy a GFX now when they were $1,000 (camera and lens) cheaper.  The higher prices won't help Fuji clean house if they are planning a new model.  Is that what is coming (the new registered number)?  I doubt it.  Fuji was really smart to make medium format "affordable" and even smarter to put them on sale.  With ending the sale, have they put it out of reach of many photographers now?  I hope not.

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