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Fuji XT-2 very sensible turn on

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It takes a very light pressure to turn the on/off switch on or off on my XT-2.  It is very sensitive.  I don't know if that is normal or not.  I would like to know what other XT-2 users think.

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My X-T2 doesn't 'work' that way. If the On/Off switch is turned on, that will illuminate the screens just fine, but then the initial touch of the button only triggers the camera to focus and set its' exposure. I have to push further to make the trigger go off. Quite controllable, to my mind.

I just tried this with my camera settings the same as yours (Single shot, Averaging metering), so I suspect there may be something in your various settings that may be triggering this (forgive the pun). Hope you're able to figure things out, or it may be time to send it to Fuji for a quick repair; I would suggest that you send that video you made to your local distributor and see how they respond. Best of luck!

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