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I have recently purchased an X-T3. For importing, editing and storing images for my other cameras an X-T1 and a Nikon D700 I have always used Apple Aperture. However Apple is no longer supporting Aperture with updates and will not recognise raw files from X-T3. My iMac is a 2011 27” model running IOS Yosemite operating software. As Aperture will not be usable with the X-T3, I am looking for a new workflow system. I have tried Capture one express but my iOS Yosemite on the Mac will not accept the newer versions of Capture one that I need for the X-T3. I would be interested on what other users recommend for their workflow and any ideas on if I can use my current I Mac or is it just a case of it’s obsolete and will need replacing. I am fully o Fay with photography but not great with computers.

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I also have an iMac but the 2012 version. Why haven’t you upgraded to Mojave? I can see the potential problems of upgrading to Catalina (32 bit apps won’t work) but Mojave is good. I use Adobe Lightroom on. £10 a month subscription for which I also get Photoshop. 
I am very happy with my workflow using this and there are great sites available with good free or low cost support. 
I also have Skylum Luminar but my experience is too limited to say whether it is a good replacement for Lightroom. So at the moment it’s Lightroom for me. 

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Technically, it is macOS Yosemite that does not support your new X-T3, rather than Aperture.

If you do as glospete suggests and update to Mojave, you (according to Apple’s information) should be able to continue using your iMac for quite some time yet. Aperture runs on Mojave and Apple’s raw camera support on Mojave includes the X-T3 (uncompressed raw).

Eventually, you might want to update to a new computer that supports the new stuff, but you do not have to rush into it. You can currently find Mac Minis on sale for under $500 that are as powerful as your current setup if you wish to stay in your current computer eco system.

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Not directly, as Apple's Camera Raw support (which Photos relies on) will only work with the uncompressed files. But you can use various conversion programs to read the compressed files and turn them into something that Photos will work with. There are many options that cost various amounts of money. Two free ones are:

Fujifilm offers their own Raw File Converter which you can use to turn your compressed files into jpg or tiff files.


I have heard the Photos will work with Adobe's DNG files but I do not know for certain. The converter that Adobe makes available is free, in that you do not need to give Adobe money every month to use it.


note: those links are for the current at this time of writing, but are only good until the respective companies change their locations.


Another option is to start using the uncompressed files, but that may involve getting more or larger sized SD cards.

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    • Which camera? The Fuji firmware update website does not list a version 1.35
    • It's not cheaper when buying in Germany. Below are screenshots from the Leica store in Berlin Germany and from B&H , USA. I put the two cameras in the cart just for comparison sake. At today's exchange rate, 14050 Euros = $16720, which makes it more expensive to buy in Germany.  
    • For limited numbers of images (up to 100k or so), the Lightroom or Capture One Catalogue usually will do. If you work in projects -like I usually do- Capture One Sessions is a much better option. I can also recommend the DAM (Digital Asset Management) of ON1 Photo Raw as it keeps raw and jpegs nicely together when you cull them. For large numbers of images Photo Mechanic is by far the best. It's often used by journalists and other pro's who have to search for certain images based on content. Either way, it's good to setup a file/directory structure on your PC/Mac that has some kind of system. E.g. per year/month/topic... before you load the images into a catalogue. And don't forget to backup...
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    • You can use a normal USB charger.
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