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setting specific kelvin temperatures for white balance

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Yes, I know, thanks. The problem is that the K values are in ranges of 3000K, for example, 5000, 5300, and 5600K. I wanted to set an intermediate value, for example, 5500K. I think that this could be corrected in a future firmware update and I will write Fuji about it.

Thanks again for trying to help me.





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On 12/25/2019 at 12:22 AM, stevem44 said:

Yes, I know, thanks. The problem is that the K values are in ranges of 3000K, for example, 5000, 5300, and 5600K. I wanted to set an intermediate value, for example, 5500K. I think that this could be corrected in a future firmware update and I will write Fuji about it.

Thanks again for trying to help me.






Are you shooting in RAW and processing your files or trying to achieve a jpeg white balance?  I am curious since it is so easy to adjust WB in post with RAW files.

FWIW, .  In the case of a jpeg, it is burnt in.  WB has no effect on a RAW file, it is an applied setting in the exif data after the image is taken and read by exif aware photo editors after the fact.



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Yes my last DSLR had the ability to go in and change the colour in 1°K amounts if I wanted - its the only thing I miss as 95% time I adjust the colour temp on the fly according to the environment - ie on a Walk in broad sunshine it may be as low as 5000K,  but duck into some shaded woods and It could easily go up to 6000K or more.  On my X-T30 it has steps of 300k as mentioned above. Auto should solve it - but auto often turns up a balance I am not happy with & thats on all cameras to date. I wonder if an update would bring the ability to change by 100k amounts that would be sufficient I feel

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