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Fuji xe3 shutter speed issues

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I have an issue with my Fuji Xe3. If i take shots on a selected shutter speed the photos come out really really underexposed (we're talking shutter speeds of 1/180 or 1/250 so nothing super fast). In addition, when I set the camera to one of my pre-set customer settings where i've programmed it to not allow the shutter speed to go below a certain speed the camera goes down to low ranges like 1/10 or 1/20 making the photos incredible blurry. Even if i switch to full auto mode the shutter speed hovers around 1/5 to 1/10 and stay there, again leading to very blurry photos. The ISO is high enough and i can be in day light situations meaning it shouldn't need to over compensate. 


It happed a couple of weeks ago but sorted its self out but has start happening again. 


Any one had this issue and know how to fix it? 



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    • Do you have your camera in Auto mode ? Try to switch that off. On my X-T10 Auto does only jpegs. (I would prefer if the camera would do Raw or Raw+Jpeg in Auto because if you hand it to someone else to take a pic and you put it in Auto for that, you loose the possibility to correct the image in PP from Raw.)
    • Are you using electronic shutter ? Switch to mechanical. 
    • @maplineThanks for the answer,  I think i'm gonna opt for a wifi card instead, as it suits more my needs, (reducing transfer times and  timelapse real-time rendering). The hdmi thing would be ok if i wanted to capture video material, but i mainly do long exp/timelapses   Cheers
    • 1000 is a curious number - if you are using F-Log the minimum ISO is 640 - but haven't heard of any setting that restricts to 1000
    • I recently purchased a used Fujifilm X70 and there is something going on that I don't understand. Some times when I take photos the image comes up heavily distorted. It only seems to happen when I take a photo of a moving object, even at 1/1000 shutter speed and I'm not moving. I can understand some blur if my shutter speed is not fast enough, but this distortion? It only happens with moving objects, using manual and auto focus. I attached some images. The images are taken at 1/1000  F8. What co
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