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I have both cameras and regard them as interchangeable for most things. For street I prefer the X-Pro 3. I always hankered after a Leica M-D, but baulked because of a lack of screen. The hidden screen gives me just what I wanted in a street camera, a screen I can look at if and when I feel like it, but not all of the time. With the F2 lenses in particular one has a very discreet and highly capable camera.

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On 12/9/2019 at 2:54 AM, algrove said:

any comments for mainly street photography?

Hi there, I'm shooting (unprofessionally) a lot of genres and almost everytime I use EVF, but when I shoot 'street' and 'street' is my main area of photo-interests, I mostly use LCD because it's attract much less attention to me and it's much quicker way to frame and shoot on the go.

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Thanks mdm. So you are using the pro-3 and shooting from the waist or shooting while looking down at the rear LCD while folded out? Interesting technique of you use it MOST of the time.


When you use the OVF on the pro-3 do you add the real time view of the your frame in the lower right corner of the OVF view?

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Hi algrove, sorry I might sound confusing. No, I haven't got x-pro3 and I hardly get it by the reason of this sort of LCD. It's absolutely inconvenient for my style of shooting. It's too sad as I think in all other departments x-pro3 is a fantastic camera and now I don't really know what to do as I prefer rangfinder body.

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